Quotes / Knight of Cerebus

"Irresponsible children. My patience is stretched miles beyond its threshold. Embrace your wounded; you will be joining them in Hell."
The Wanderer makes his entrance, It's Walky!

"Remember when db super was like a kids show until this guy appeared?"
A YouTube commenter referring to Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super

Robin: I pulled the drama tag, so we now get backstories, we get fleshed out personalities and become real people.
Amber: You're not making any sense. You're saying that pulling this thing you made up retroactively changed my past? You're saying that solely because you did some imaginary thing, my earlier life rewrote itself to force me through a history of domestic abuse and violent relocation?
Robin: Maybe.
Amber: [Punches Robin] A ridiculous assertion, but that felt good regardless.

Bruce: Criminals aren't complicated, Alfred. Just have to figure out what he's after.
Alfred: With respect Master Wayne, perhaps this is a man that you don't fully understand, either.

"Next to me, little miss Medusa is going to look like a sweet, cuddly bunny!"

"Your defeat is certain. Give me the Chaos Emeralds and I will spare your life."
Dark Oak, Sonic X

"This form is irritated by your attempt to attack it. Understand: This form is magic personified. Weapons will have no effect. Further attempts to do harm to this form will be met with severe punishment. This portal to the para-elemental plane of magic will be closed. You will make no further attempts to enter our realm."
Ledgermayne, AdventureQuest Worlds

Paladin: Hunting Paladins?! Who... what are you?!
Paladin: I will fight you with my dying breath, monster!

"You were warned, (character name). You have come to meet an early death."
Kezeroth the World Ender, AdventureQuest Worlds

???: Welcome to Apokolips, Mr. Mannheim.
Bruno Mannheim: Who are you?
???: Your new lord and master. You may call me Darkseid.

If Shadow had been a normal part of this universe, he would have said something like, "No wonder I needed to stretch when I woke up this morning," or "I don't know why I bother with that alarm clock." But Shadow was not normal. He didn't understand the fine art of deadpan snarking. He was a humorless evil robot who only understood joy in the ways that his creator had programmed him years ago.

Kami: A great evil has risen. Unlike anything this planet has ever seen before.
Piccolo: Then you know what I'm talking about! You know exactly how dangerous these Androids are.
Nail: (in Piccolo's head) Am I the only one who just noticed a HUGE tone-shift here?
Kami: The Androids are a threat, yes - but they are paltry to what I fear comes next.
(Cut to Doctor Gero's underground lab, with the larval Cell growing in his tank. Evil, distorted laughter is heard.)
Mister Popo:...Well, that's f*cking ominous!

Things are about to get very interesting.
Angelus, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Innocence"

"I love that this is a race that cannot be affected by the Prime Directive and has superior firepower because it goes to show without those two elements to hide behind Picard basically has nothing to fight with. He is a desperate, frightened man who is reduced to begging to escape this latest threat. The episode might suggest that Picard showed great humility in asking Q for help but let's not forget that none of this would have been necessary if it wasnít for his tumultuous ego in the first place. When he contacts the families of those 18 crewmembers I hope he remembers to tell them that those people died to teach him a lesson."
Doc Oho on Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Q Who?", which introduced the Borg

"And this is how I win the world. This juncture of course is usually where the wheels come off. But not this time. Cutting the traitor Major Bludd's heart in half right in front of you, right here in this room, should have gotten the point across. It suited me once to appear weak and cowardly because it motivated you 'people' to think. But today is a new day. There will be no move to take over my command, there will be no mistakes. There will be NONE OF YOUR CRAP! NONE OF IT! Work with me, and I will give you the world in less than twenty-four hours. Work against me, and I will gut you like a fish. Right here."
Cobra Commander, G.I. Joe: Resolute

Leonardo: You don't understand. The Utrom Shredder isn't like your Shredder. He's vicious.
Donatello: Lethal.
Michelangelo: Competent!

Nox is a character from an entirely different genre of show than the rest of the cast.

See, where the rest of the cast is basically in this show which is a fun, lighthearted, comedic action-adventure, Nox is like the protagonist in a Greek tragedy. Whenever he shows up, suddenly, the entire tone of the series changes. Itís not fun anymore. Itís not lighthearted. He drags everyone around him into the nightmare which is his life. Heís this intrusion into a world of bright colours and high adventure. A dark and terrible shadow cast upon the land in a physical and emotional sense.

Carol: So what do a bunch of aliens want with our planet?
Torque: The man who wants your Kingdom Stone isn't from around here either. He calls himself, Lord Brevon.
Lilac: Lord?
Torque: Well, he didn't get that name selling cookies. He's dangerous with a capital D. Brevon is the most powerful enemy we've ever faced. Hundreds of worlds destroyed, thousands of heroes killed or corrupted, enormous amounts of weapon energy stolen... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

"Joker is the best villain in DC universe. Whenever he appears you can see in the comics how every member of the Bat family starts panicking."
— A YouTube comment on Miracle of Sound's Joker's Song.

Vinny: It's either... the Jahns were the worst thing to happen to this island, or it all went downhill when Isaac got here. I'm not sure. But I almost guarantee if you follow the trail from when Isaac first got here to when all this shit started going down, I wouldn't be surprised if Isaac had something to do with it.
— Vinny on the arrival of Isaac and its impact on Vineland Island.

"Savor the daylight. Things are about to get rather dark."

"Crash, Coco, remember. It is not only Doctor Cortex we battle. Beware of Uka Uka my children. He is a far more dangerous enemy than anyone can imagine..."