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Quotes: Knight Life Series
Morgan: "Wherever you are, Merlin, quake in fear. I am coming for you. Thank you for saving my life, Merlin! And I shall return the favor a thousandfold. I, Morgan Le Fey! I can live again! I can have my hatred! I can have my revenge! And I can get the hell out of New Jersey!"
Knight Life

Quigley: "Arthur. Just like the name of the store, named after King Arthur."
Arthur: "Just like, yes. seem to be an expert. Tell me, what think you of chain mail?"
Quigley: "I tried that once. Sent five dollars to five friends. I should have gotten $10,387 back, but I never saw a dime."
Knight Life

Arthur: "Most insane bloody process I've ever seen. Create the weapons, then legislate against them. It doesn't stop in New York, you know. It pervades society."
Knight Life

"Within moments the Lady of the Lake stood mere feet away from Arthur, the water reaching the hem of her garment. She looked like hell."
Knight Life

"She was chanting quietly to herself and burning a photograph of a handsome young man. The candle was white. Morgan pursed her lips. Amateurs dabbling in love spells. This was the sort of tripe she'd been unearthing in her searches these past weeks. Still...there was no reason she couldn't have a bit of fun at that. She sent an eldritch wave back along the ley line, and many miles away, the girl's candle suddenly flared. The girl fell back, gasping in surprise, and Morgan's image appeared in the flickering flame of the candle. 'I am Hecate, goddess of witches,' murmured Morgan, delighting in the way the would-be witch's eyes went wide. 'Hear me, novice. I have seen your future, and it does not include this boy. He is using you, toying with your affections, but he does not and never will love you. He will bring you hurt and pain and misery, and he will do it to others of your spiritual sisters as well, unless you stop him."
Knight Life

"'Hello,' growled Elvis. 'I'd like your support for Arthur Penn, who would like to run as an independent for mayor of New York City. Sign this or I'll cut your fucking heart out.' Elvis collected 117 signatures. Before lunch. Without breaking a sweat."
Knight Life

"'I read recently one of your number was slain,' Arthur said to Owens, genuine sympathy in his voice. 'My deepest condolences. The loss of a fellow blue knight is always difficult.' Owens shrugged stoically. 'Unfortunately, cops are targets. It comes with the shield,' and he tapped his badge. This...this was what was considered a shield in this day and age? Arthur looked at it, not with derision, but with sadness. Was this the best they had to offer their defenders? 'A shield should provide protection,' Arthur noted. 'Go talk to the judges,' Owens said with a long-suffering air. 'Guys know they can kill a cop and walk.'"
Knight Life

Merlin: "Kings don't get wistful. 'Wist' isn't even a word. You can be prideful, scornful, hateful. You can't be full of something that doesn't exist. Wist. Stupid concept. He's full of wist. Cannot happen. Do not dwell on it any further."
Knight Life

Kent Taylor: "If you got money, you're eccentric. Otherwise, you're just plain crazy."
Knight Life

Kent Taylor: Is English a second language to you there, Art?
Arthur: No, but oftentimes I get the feeling that it's a second language for Americans.
Knight Life

"'She's a harmless, normal, nonreincarnated woman!' Merlin said desperately ... ... Without hesitation, Percival took two quick steps forward, lifted Merlin off his feet and slammed him back against the wall, placing his hands in such a way as to snap the young mage's neck like a twig. And in a voice filled with fury and fear, Merlin screeched, 'Yes! Yes, damn you! It's her! But you don't need her, Arthur! She's going to bugger the whole works, just like she did last time! She's the eternal screwup!'
'Knight Life

"As Arthur pulled the door shut behind them, Gwen said, 'I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe when you whipped out your sword—' 'Hey!' said the cabbie angrily. 'I know this is New York, but let's keep the filthy talk to a minimum, okay?' 'Yes, sir,' said Arthur meekly."
Knight Life

Gwen: "Arthur?"
Arthur: "Yes?"
Gwen: "Have your really been locked away in a cave for eleven hundred years?"
Arthur: "Thereabouts, yes."
Gwen: "You must be the horniest bastard on the planet."
Arthur: "Gwen, would you mind waiting her a moment?"
Gwen: "Uh, sure."
Arthur: (consulting a dictionary) "Horn...horned...hornet..." (returns) "Gwen?"
Gwen: "Yes, Arthur?"
Arthur: "You're right."
Knight Life

Reporter: "Your stand on abortion?"
Arthur: "Terrible mess. None of my bloody business, though, what a woman does with her body."
Reporter: "Are you in favor, then, of state money and government money going to fund abortions?"
Arthur: "I imagine it's better than feeding the poor little buggers, isn't it, once they're born into unwanted and miserable situations?"
Reporter: "Are you concerned, sir, that some pro-lifers may find your attitude, well...callous? That you're sentencing unborn children to death?"
Arthur: "I have seen ore death, son, than you could possibly imagine. Not to become maudlin, but I value life no less than does anyone else. But life is difficult enough when you come into it wrapped in the arms of a mother who wants you."
Knight Life

"'Come with me!', he shouted. To his utter astonishment, they backed up, shaking their heads. The little girl said, 'Our mommy will be mad! She...she said she was just running out for some milk...she'd be right back...we weren't supposed to go anywhere!' 'We're not allowed to go with strangers!' the boy said, as the room filled with smoke. 'Oh, for God's sake!' bellowed Arthur as he stepped in through the window and approached the children. They pointed at him and started shouting over and over again, 'Stranger danger, stranger danger!'
Knight Life

"'Miss, just out of curiosity, when was the last time you slept?' 'Gave it up. Don't need it. It's like when you keep exercising a muscle, it just grows stronger and stronger,' she told him, and she was sounding almost giddy about it. 'So, I figure, the more I exercise my brain, the stronger it's going to get. So I exercise it all the time. I sleep an hour here or there.' 'That's not healthy.' Her eyes narrowed. 'Maybe. But you know what's even less healthy? Blackmail. And...and using me against someone I love. And you know what else? Screwing with me. That can be pretty fucking unhealthy for the wrong people. For the bad guys."
Knight Life

Arthur: "Of course young people don't vote. It's a right handed to them, and therefore they don't appreciate it. Young people care about two things, and two things only: Those things they have to fight for, and those things they're told not to do. Going around telling teens to vote: that's your problem right there. You're telling them to do something. ... 'Every young person hearing this or watching this, listen to me now and tell all your friends I said this: Don't vote! Come election day, you are absolutely not to vote! I forbid it! I flatly forbid it!"
Knight Life

"'I haven't slept for days now. I've been gathering things, working, studying, reading, running around like a lunatic, going everywhere I could to find what I was looking for. I've been cramming for this confrontation with you...and with her. I'm so loaded on uppers, I have to wear lead weights on my belt to keep my feet on the floor.' 'Oh dear.' 'You bet your ass, Oh dear.' 'The demon regarded her with open curiosity. Gwen had pulled her strawberry blonde hair back in a tight bun. She wore a tight-fitting black sweater, black slacks, and black shoes. 'You're not at all the way I remember you, or the way Morgan described you. You were a cream puff.' 'Cream puffs get stale fast.'"
Knight Life

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