Quotes: Hypocrisy Nod

"Look back through this essay, and for certain you will find that I have again and again committed the very faults I am protesting against."

"ABC has finally come to the realization that the cast of The View has the cumulative IQ of a half-digested ass corn and nobody wants to see a bunch of twat bubbles talk about current events ('I do, which is why Im reading Dlisted right now' you 'Good point' me)"

Yahtzee: The supernatural elements throw a few curve balls, but at least remain internally consistent — unlike the fact that a man who wears a Fedora and vest somehow managed to convince someone to marry him without choking on their own vomit during the vows.
Imp: (imp holds up old photo of Yahtzee)
Yahtzee: Well I never said I wasnt a hypocrite!

"Okay, I don't practice what I preach. I can get away with it; I'm a parent."

"I am aware of the hypocrisy!"

"I don't have time to debate which of us is the bigger hypocrite"
Lelouch to Suzaku, Code Geass R2

"There's no need to go showing off like that. That's my job."

Moon Knight: So I've got this straight: you go up, you hide, you track fit people, and then you kill them, take pieces of them down here, and paste them into your body with obsolete, exotic machinery. And you think this is the purpose of their lives and your time and skills.
Slasher: No offense, buddy, but you're a mile underground wearing a white suit and a bag on your head.
Moon Knight: Fair point.
Moon Knight #1 (2014 series)