Quotes: Fake Difficulty

"This is one of the hardest games I've ever played, but for all the wrong reasons!"
"Look at most retro games. With so called 'difficulty', which is just spamming of enemies, or just something fucking retardely designed that is just... not... well... good... fucking dickesh. Sorry."
Jim Sterling, on this trope.

There are some who derive a kind of perverse superiority from their mastery of the gameís ambiguous mechanics. For my part, I donít give a good Goddamn if someone has trained themselves to eat shit and like it. The game is not challenging, itís difficult to play, and itís taken many years but Iím ready to begin making this distinction.
"You know what, we're not gonna fight the Hellkite Dragon. You get basically nothing for it, and I underestimated how much this fight was gonna be the biggest fucking example of stupid, fucking, cheap artificial difficulty... EVER put into a video game! I haven't actually fought him before. I knew it was stupid, but I didn't know it was THAT fucking stupid. There is NOTHING I have ever seen as blatantly bullshit artificial difficulty as that pile of stupid. There is bad design, and then there is E.T. for the Atari, and then there is the Hellkite Dragon. Like... what fucking retard let that through any QA ever? Holy fuck, that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen."
— Squiddish Returns, Derp Souls: Herp Souls 2

I asked myself, 'I'm dying an awful lot. Is this game badly made or am I just this shit?' Perhaps a silly question; every enemy slices off your health bar like a fat bridesmaid left alone with the wedding cake, there's an awkward pause after the dodge move that leaves you wide open, and all of the action is taking place in a tiny section of the screen surrounded by huge expanses of empty floor. So this game is badly made and I'm not shit, hooray.
I grew up playing games. When I was six years old, back in 1987 (so long ago!), I got an NES, and there was no looking back. I played Battletoads, and learned that "faster computer reactions" is a cheap substitute for "harder difficulty."
— Chris Kluwe