Quotes / Fake Difficulty

"This is one of the hardest games I've ever played, but for all the wrong reasons."

"Geralt has a real problem with authority. Much of your combat is spent pressing buttons twice 'cause he doesn't seem to think you mean business the first time."

"They actually have, in the description of the controls, a way to get out of getting stuck on the scenery. Well, at least they're aware."
Jim Sterling on Dark Shadows (Steam)

"So this game is badly made, and I'm not shit. Hooray!"

"The game is not challenging, itís difficult to play, and itís taken many years but Iím ready to begin making this distinction."

"There is bad design, and then there is E.T. for the Atari, and then there is the Hellkite Dragon."
Squiddish Returns, Derp Souls: Herp Souls 2

"[Artificial difficulty] refers to a state of difficulty where failure is unavoidable, for one reason or another. For example, maybe you were about to die an unavoidable death because it was literally impossible to tell what was about to kill you. Perhaps the camera glitched out and you can blame the game code for your death. Or maybe a boss has no apparent weakness and requires trial and error to take down. It's rare that a game has artificial difficulty in a pure form because most circumstances that lead to failure are completely avoidable. Games like Dark Souls are unique in that they require the player to be in a constant state of skill and awareness to stop them being punished."
VaatiVidya, A Tale of Two Adventurers (and yes, he and Squiddish are talking about the same game.)

"I played Battletoads, and learned that "faster computer reactions" is a cheap substitute for "harder difficulty.""
Chris Kluwe