Quotes / Colon Cancer

"I'm so sick of the endless colon-ization of new games that feel like they're too special to make do with one title! It's so mindbogglingly self-important it makes me want to spit!"

Pointy-Haired Boss: And don't get me started about your overuse of colons.
Dilbert: They remind me of you, sir.

If there are more than three words in the title, and no colons, it's already suspicious.

"Apparently, the sequel to Mission: Impossible II isn't Mission: Impossible III. It's M:I:3. That's "M-colon-I-colon-3." I guess Tom just likes fitting in colons."
Bill Maher, Real Time with Bill Maher

"The new Star Wars movie got a full title and in case you canít tell by that picture above the full title is: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I didn't realize The Force took a disco nap. I expect every hardcore Star Wars fanboy to whisper that subtitle into the ear of his Princess Leia Real Doll when he wakes up with morning wood"

"As anyone who's eaten tex-mex before a long plane ride knows, colons can be very problematic.... You have to mark the colon with a little pause, or people will think you're saying Beyond Two Souls, as in more than two souls. But if you take off either part of the title, then people won't know what you're talking about:"

Yahtzee: I've been playing Beyond.
Mate: Beyond what? Beyond the limits of social acceptability?
Yahtzee: No, I mean I've been playing Two Souls!
Mate: Oh, right, isn't that that really hard game from BY Software— I mean by FROM Software?
Yahtzee: No, that's Dark Souls!
Mate: Oh, so you were playing a game about the exploration of several human sphincters?
Yahtzee: NO, that's Arseholes!

First, as Roger Ebert pointed out, why not just call the movie Ballistic? Why Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever? Especially since Ecks and Sever work together to beat the greater villain. I mean, yeah, initially they thought they were against each other but they became reluctant partners. Thatís like renaming Tango & Cash ďDemolition: Tango vs. CashĒ.
Miles Antwiler on Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

"Stan Lee & Wheaties®: The Breakfast of Champions (Jumpstart Your Metabolism®) Present: Chris Hemsworthnote  in A Stanley Kubrick Film: Marvel's Neon Genesis Superdimensional Journey Into Mystery Advance: Jack Kirby's Mighty Thor: Ace Attorney God of Thunder and the Deathly Goblet 64 vs. King Abaddon: The Legend of Curly's Gold: Electric Boogaloo: The Quest for Peace: Peace Walker: With a Vengeance: ~ Do You Remember Love? ~ The Official Motion Picture Of: The Official Game Of: Dual Strike MKII The Glorious Burden (Feat. Method Man & Redman) Edge of Reason: International Zodiac Job + Reunion Perfect Collection: The Precursor Legacy II: Revenge of the Recursor Legacy/365 Days: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb II: The Revenge: A Novel by Terry Brooks HD Remix DS III Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition: Original Generation II 3D: The Sequel © Lucasfilm LTD. All Rights Reserved not for whole or individual resale!"
— End result of a long chain of posts joking about Thor: God of Thunder's status as the Official Game of the Official Movie.

"I just realized the full title for this would be Man Battles: The Battles of Men: Episode 1: Mega vs. Pac: Round 1. That sure is a lot of colons."

"Disney's Jim Henson's Tyler Perry Presents: ToughPigs Book Review: The Blurb on the Back of the Book that says, 'I can't wait to read Jim Henson's Jim Henson: The Biography: The Movie...Again: The Junior Novelization: Only the Back Cover Because I'm Lazy.' by Joe Hennes: Based on the Novel "Pig" by Sapphire: The E! True Hollywood Story Babies"
—End result of a long chain of posts joking about the just-revealed title of Brian Jay Jones' Jim Henson: The Biography