Quotes / Chronic Backstabbing Disorder

"The enemy of my enemy dies next."
— Unattributed

Anime and Manga

"Who could be foolish enough to relax his guard with a man who constantly betrays everyone around him?"
Sir Bismarck Waldstein, Code Geass


"We knew that he was unreliable. What we did not know was that he was a fool. His betrayal was as inevitable as Tirek's, yet he did not see it coming."
Princess Luna, The Stars Ascendant

Sunfire: I have technically never betrayed the X-Men as I hold no loyalty to you people whatsoever.
— The parody fic Apocalypse Anonymous

Film — Live-action

"But fortunately I anticipated your anticipation of my anticipation of your anticipation of my anticipation of your anticipation of my treachery!"
Dr. Zarkendorf, Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space


"He is what they call in the thrillers a double agent, a triple agent in this case, and agent to infinite regression..."
Sol, Hyperion

"I did warn you not to trust me, you know."
Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, A Song of Ice and Fire

Live-action TV

"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"
Wash, Firefly

I don't think much of blind loyalty, but I think a lot less of blind betrayal.
President Josiah Bartlet, The West Wing

Tabletop games

"I know to whom I owe the most loyalty, and I see him in the mirror every day."

Video games

"If nothing, you can always trust that you can't trust Sliske."
Wahisietel, RuneScape

"And here I thought I'd had my quota of betrayal and attempted murder this year...."
Garrus, Mass Effect 2

"What? Naesala and the ravens of Kilvas betrayed us? Again?"

Stupid Arpeggio. I double-crossed the Cooper Gang, Interpol and Carmelita. What made you think I wouldn't do the same to you?

Niko: That is the plan, Jacob. I will put a bullet in his heart for every life he ruined, for every agreement he went back on, for every friend he betrayed.
Jacob: Dat be a whole heap of teeth, ya know, Niko. I don't tink we have enough ammo fe shoot him dat many times, ya know.

"Trust not a man who has betrayed his master, nor take him into your own service, lest he betray you too."


"If his treachery could ever hurt anyone more than himself, I'd have to stop him."

Web original

Amazingly, Batman does not coldcock the Joker and throw him in jail at that moment. Instead, he grudgingly decides to team up and investigate alongside his deadliest foe... Sure enough, Joker tries to kill him by running him over with a taxi four panels later. To be fair, though, as the Joker says, trying to kill Batman every time you see him is kind of a tough habit to break.
Chris Sims on Batman: The Brave and the Bold #191

He's precisely the sort that you want on your side during a conflict, somebody who is willing to do anything to get the job done and leave his personal feelings at the door. He is exactly the wrong person you want on your side during peace time though, he would stab you in the back sooner than look at you.
Joe Ford on Avon, Blakes Seven ("Blake")

Web video

Pegasus: Well, when we first met, you took out my eyeball and replaced it with a cursed artifact. But I'm sure this time you have only the best intentions for me.
Shadi: Yes, I screw you up good.

Western animation

"Treachery keeps the wits sharp."
Megatron, Beast Wars

Gwen: Kevin? Why would you tell this to Argit? He's a con man who would sell his mother for lunch money!
Kevin: I happen to know he got top dollar for his mom.
Ben 10: Alien Force, "Con of Rath"

"Is it my fault that you are so trusting?"
Mozenrath, Aladdin: The Series

"That thieving lizard Shendu will pay dearly for his betrayal!"
Daolan Wong, Jackie Chan Adventures