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Quotes: Bile Fascination
Statler: This show is awful!
Waldorf: Terrible!
Statler: Disgusting!
Waldorf: See you next week?
Statler: Of course.

"It's so horrible! Yet I stare perversely fascinated."
Peter Puppy from the Earthworm Jim cartoon episode, The Anti-Fish

"I'm actually enjoying this and it deeply disturbs me."

Becky: I'm disgusted and repulsed and I can't... look... away.

"They're like onlookers at a car crash. As long it's not happening to them, they're dying to get a closer look."
Yosuke Hanamura on everyone's interest in the string of murders.

What she saw crawling upon this world repulsed her. Yet she could not tear her gaze away.
— Flavour text of God of Awe (see The Seer's Parables)

"And yet I cannot not watch it. May God have mercy on us all".
Dr. Paul Armstrong, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

"Holy crap... That sounds just disgusting enough to loop back around on itself and become awesome again!"
Tony, Real Life Comics

Hitler: Continue from the next fucking preview!
Jodl: But Mein Führer, why continue when you already know about his stupidity?!
Hitler: I wanna see how stupider he gets!
Jodl: You already called him the stupidest!
Hitler: Well the... video is not done yet! You dumbass! I wanna see how much further he can go!

"Me, I like them because they amuse me. I never get tired of the show... so unimaginably exhilarating and preposterous that one lives a gorgeous year in an hour."
H. L. Mencken on why he covered political conventions

"For it's an Orwellian quirk of this country that we are extremely fond of our heritage of bloody murder, the gore of yore, the poisonings, bodysnatchings, and slit throats of a reassuringly long time ago."
David Stubbs, The Guide, issue 28th Jan-3rd Feb

The Donkey Kong cartoon is hard to find, and many people have been wondering how it measures up against time. Not well. In fact, Saturday Supercade as a whole was terrible — it has to be said. Fortunately, bad cartoons are more fun to write about than good ones.
Peter Paltridge in his article about the original Donkey Kong cartoon

"I agreed to write the script if Tennessee would have no hand in it. Later, Sam [Spiegel] would talk him into taking co-credit for my screenplay on the ground, 'Baby, it will win the Academy Award.' As [Tennessee] was ravenous for prizes, he put his name alongside mine on the script. Happily, the reviews were so bad that he immediately regretted what he had done; later, he was less disturbed as the press proved to be so bad that the public was driven to see what The New York Times shrieked was a celebration of sodomy, incest, cannibalism and Elizabeth Taylor at her most voluptuous."
Gore Vidal (on Suddenly Last Summer), Palimpsest

"The movie is pretty bad, all right. But it has a certain charm. It's so completely wrong-headed from beginning to end that it develops a doomed fascination."

"You want to see something that's like really seriously disturbing and that nobody in their right mind would want to look at? You're on the internet so I guess the answer is probably yes."
Ariella Rasputin Wallflower, The Wallflower Report

"It's an incomprehensible blend of a heist movie with a conspiracy movie and an action movie, and it's funny, but not for the reasons the creators intended... It launched a bunch of shit at a wall hoping some would stick, but all of it stuck, and no one stopped to ask, 'How about we throw something other than shit at this wall?' I watched it on TV so many times that if I had a Nielsen ratings box, my home's data would have been reported as faulty and tossed out — no one watches that much Hudson Hawk without it being a glitch."

"Family Circus at least is fascinating in this weird meta kind of way. A lot of times, Family Circus didn’t even have jokes. Or observations. Or anything. And you would just kind of stare at it, trying to figure out what it was you were looking at and why it existed. Kind of like a Rob Liefeld drawing. I have to admit, I can stare at a Liefeld drawing a lot longer, in some cases, than a drawing by somebody who can actually draw, because there’s just something fascinating about it. Traffic slows down when it passes a car accident."

"It's like trying to properly judge a four-tier wedding cake that is made out of shit. It's an impressive achievement, a masterpiece in some respects, but the point that can't be missed is that it's made out of shit."
SFDebris, "The Cloud"

"It's bad. It's explosively, apocalyptically bad, and you should totally buy it. I'm serious! ...Ride to Hell is the kind of bad that leaves me with a smile on my face. It's a little retarded child with its head stuck in a cereal box and a massive big dump in its big boy pants, saying 'I'mma real game now!' (ruffles hair) Of course you are, Ride to Hell. And that's why I think everyone should buy it. Just to fuck with some heads! This could be our Plan 9 from Outer Space!"

"Ride To Hell Retribution is a spectacular monument to failure. If failure were Paris, Ride to Hell would be the Arc de Triomphe. If failure were Washington, D.C., Ride to Hell would be the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial or that Vietnam wall thing or whatever. You get the picture."
Josh Harmon, on Ride to Hell: Retribution.

"I prance about the kitchen like Michael Corleone, and just when I think I've gone legitimate, just when I think I'm out of the business, Smallville sends a helicopter to crash the meeting of the families.

'Just when I thought I was out, they PULL ME BACK IN!'

(clutches heart, falls to the kitchen tiles in his bath robe, and tries desperately to justify dating Sophia)."
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Unsafe")

David: More of this, PLEASE. This is entirely too entertaining. I just want rapid-fire continuity references thrown at my face at 100 miles an hour.
Chris: Seriously, as fun as this was, it was almost completely ruined for me by errors a high school play wouldn’t make. But again, I’ll take a crazy script with massive plot-holes over just plain boring any day of the week. Assuming that day is Friday at 8 PM on the CW. On other days, I at least like to pretend I’ve got standards.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Patriot")

"I went to the film's iMDB page and found exactly jack shit about it. The only reason I got a plot synopsis is because of the 3 reviews it had. It was that obscure... So, of course, I had to get it. I strolled on over to Amazon, my credit card at the ready—and found nothing. Nothing at all. I couldn't even find a trailer on YouTube. I had to do some deep digging. And when I finally did come across a copy, it was a German DVD.

But I am nothing if not sad, creepy and determined. I was gonna get that movie.

Lo and behold, I found a PAL VHS on the UK eBay.... I, of course, had no PAL VHS player, had no way of converting the movie, and was now the owner of a $30 brick. But the light was still at the end of the tunnel because I do, in fact, know some British people. Months later, I'm at MAGfest (all the way across the country) and I've brought
Crowfoot with me, only to hand it off to Film Brain, who takes back to Swindon and converts it for me. Cut to late March when we're both in Chicago, and I get the VHS back and a DVD copy. This is again taken all the way across the country, where it now resides on my shelf. This is a well-traveled VHS. So I guess the question now is, was the movie worth it? HELL YEAH the movie was worth it! This movie should get some sort of award for half-baked ideas and personifying the nineties."
Obscurus Lupa on Crowfoot

"This movie has sat on top of my rant-pile for about a year, collecting dust because I've been legitimately afraid of putting it into my DVD player... because every time I looked at the cover, I heard Steven's voice waft up from the ethereal realm and tell me "You're not ready." And I haven't been. I've felt unworthy of touching this...marvel. This masterpiece. I spent a month just tracking this movie down, and there it sat on my desk untouched, a neutron bomb of shitty movie that once released would scar me for life if it didn't destroy me outright. I went to every bookstore, movie store, secondhand store, and mall in Mesa and later in Tempe, and couldn't find it. I actually made clerks call other stores in the area to ask if they had a copy of this piece of shit. They looked at me like I was fucking nuts and tried to sell me copies of Hitch instead. The clerk at Borders actually asked if he was on a reality TV show when I asked him to find this movie in his computer. I resorted to Netflix, and found that the copy I received there had been split neatly down the middle. Not only that, the surface of the DVD had been ravaged and gouged with deep ruts, covered with dirt and tiny little shards of gravel wedged into it. It's as if someone, either a previous renter or the Netflix envelope-stuffer saw what I was about to do to myself, snapped the disc in half, then realized that some meaningful data might somehow be salvaged from the halves, took it to the parking lot and ground the pieces into the asphalt under his heels. I eventually had to get it from Amazon after a month of tracking.

You read that right. I put this much effort into tracking a Steven Seagal movie. Send help."
Noah Antwiler on Belly of the Beast

"For crying out loud people! Why do I do this to myself? Sometimes I feel like such a movie masochist. For example, I recently bought two (count em) TWO Scorsese box sets on the cheap and they have about four movies that I haven’t even seen yet. Yet when it came to decision time for what I was going to see the answer was not “I need to see Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, the answer was “Man, Ballistic looks like complete shit! I just gotta see how bad this it!” Another example is that I rented An American Carol from Blockbuster to review it. I popped the disc in and found the previous owner did me a HUGE favor and swapped the DVD inside for the much superior movie Ray. Its as if he was saying “No one needs to see this movie. I’m just going to sacrifice one of my better movies so no one has to be hurt by this turd stain of a movie.” So what do I do? I go back to the Blockbuster and GET A NEW COPY! I went out of my way to watch An American Carol! What’s next: a Tyler Perry film festival!?"
Miles Antwiler on Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

"I'm conditioned to turn away from the computer at this point, but I've gotta keep watching."

''I would like you to know that I hate each and every one of you. And I really hate who ever it was that put this book in my path, because I KNOW it was RHG bait and you KNOW I can’t resist that so...

Oh my god, the pain.''
RedHeadedGirl from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, on THIS (NSFW)

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