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Playing With / Politically Incorrect Villain

Basic Trope: A villain who is also a bigot.
  • Straight: In addition to having a fondness for punting puppies, Emperor Evulz is also racist and sexist.
  • Exaggerated: Emperor Evulz is a genocidal monster set on exterminating racial minorities, albinos, handicapped people, and LGBT people, as well as enslaving the impoverished and confining all women to the kitchen — by law!
  • Downplayed: Emperor Evulz is slightly awkward around different races and secretly not comfortable with the idea of homosexuality, yet he doesn't make a big deal about it.
  • Justified:
  • Inverted:
  • Subverted: His political incorrectness is merely a façade to gain his people's approval; Emperor Evulz actually has views more tolerant and progressive than his subjects, and is the ruler of a highly insular and provincial nation.
  • Double Subverted:
    • Emperor Evulz ends up Becoming the Mask.
    • Or, Emperor Evulz, despite being the exact opposite of racist or sexist, is snobbishly classist and plans to exterminate the physically handicapped.
  • Parodied: Emperor Evulz is a Racist Grandpa whom no one takes seriously, and spends more time using antiquated racial slurs and telling his Mooks boring stories than actually being a threat.
  • Zig Zagged:
    • Emperor Evulz can't decide whether he wants to treat minorities like dirt or exploit them by giving them menial (but still quite evil) jobs within his organization, so he flip-flops between the two.
    • For all his politically incorrect behavior, it's really just how horrible Emperor Evulz is to others regardless of their race, class, or gender.
  • Averted: Emperor Evulz isn't racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, or a religious fanatic — or he might be, but that issue never comes up.
  • Enforced:
  • Lampshaded: "Wow. So not only is he a murderer, he's also a racist jerk."
  • Invoked: Emperor Evulz, trying to rise to power, panders to his bigoted audience by becoming this.
  • Exploited: The heroes are able to convince the surrounding nations to form The Alliance by pointing out how much Evulz hates their respective races... and what he's likely to do if he wins.
  • Defied: "Simply because I am evil does not mean I have to sink to this level! I despise everyone equally!"
  • Discussed: Two of Evulz' (disloyal) subjects ponder how he could have gained the support of so many of their countrymen and -women, given his being known to have spat vitriol at seemingly every demographic under the sun.
  • Conversed: "I'm glad I don't live in Tropendom. A villain like Evulz isn't the type you can put in jail or order to perform community service to repay their crimes in full."
  • Implied: When Emperor Evulz meets each of the people that our heroic Five-Token Band will later comprise, he scowls deeply — and only at the heroes-to-be.
  • Deconstructed: Because of his closed-mindedness, Emperor Evulz comes to have a 0% Approval Rating, and a coup is organized to overthrow him.
  • Reconstructed:
    • Emperor Evulz has a strong enough Evil Army to crush the resistance and carry on as usual.
    • The majority of the population turns out to sympathise with Emperor Evulz on these issues.
  • Played For Laughs: Because of the sheer ridiculousness and shamelessness in how Emperor Evulz expresses his views, no one takes him seriously.
  • Played For Drama: Emperor Evulz begins a campaign of ruthless propaganda and genocide, killing everyone who displeases him. And it transpires that our heroes are among his most hated targets...
  • Unparodied:note  Emperor Evulz really is the threat he considers himself to be, and is pretending to be a befuddled old man in order to fool his victims.
  • Plotted A Good Waste: The show was created and originally released in a country where discrimination is still a pressing social problem, and the creator wants to bring these issues to light.

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