One Scene Wonder: Animated Films

  • The Disney Animated Canon:
    • Mrs. Jumbo from Dumbo. Like her son, she actually remains silent throughout the entire film, only saying Dumbo's real name after he's been delivered to her by a stork, and unsurpringly, her voice actor is uncredited.
    • Peggy Lee as Peg the dog in Lady and the Tramp. Peg has just the one song, but a very memorable one! As Lee co-wrote all the songs and also voiced the Siamese Cats and Darling (Lady's owner) - and they get songs too despite little screen time - it's like several Wonders for the price of one.
    • The snake Kaa from The Jungle Book who tries to hypnotize Mowgli and fails. He is only in the film for two scenes (he was actually going to be in just one in development, but his popularity with some test audiences gained him another one), The voice is by Sterling Holloway, of all people. He did the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh, which is part of the reason why he's so funny.
      • Also, King Louie, who has just one scene (and musical number), but is very fondly remembered as a highlight of the movie.
      • Also from the same movie, Shere Khan, who despite being the Big Bad, is only onscreen for about 10 minutes and doesn't appear till about 3 quarters of the way in, but he's remembered as fondly as other Disney villains that have more screen time than he does.
    • Princess Aurora herself in Sleeping Beauty. She remains silent for most of the movie, with very little dialogue whatsoever, and the only time she ever opened her mouth completely is when she sang "I Wonder" and "Once Upon A Dream", respectively.
    • Madame Mim in Disney's The Sword in the Stone appears just long enough to engage in a wizard's duel with Merlin. Also the female squirrel who falls for a transformed Arthur.
    • Miss Kitty from Disney's The Great Mouse Detective. She's in the show for only one song, but... well, it's a very memorable one, and judging by the amount of fan material about her, quite a few people remembered as the most exciting part of the movie. Also, she has the ever-sexy voice of Melissa Manchester.
    • The Backson in Winnie-the-Pooh (the 2011 movie) literally has one scene lasting under a minute, but it's a very memorable one.
    • The blonde lifeguard girl in Lilo & Stitch.
    • Mama Odie appears only very briefly in The Princess and the Frog, but man does she steal the show.
    • In Chicken Little one of the most popular characters is Morkubine Porcupine he only has five minutes of screen time and he only says three words.
  • The seagulls in Finding Nemo appear in two scenes with less than two minutes of screen time between them, yet a mere mention of them can still crack up most adults who saw the movie.
    "Mine? Mine? Minemineminemine?"
    • Coral, who is killed during the film's opening.
    • Quite a few characters, such as the sharks (technically two), Darla (whose picture is seen quite a bit but only shows up once during the film's climax), all of the sea turtles except for Squirt, and Gerald the pelican.
  • Scrat from Ice Age, particularly in the first movie. Provides more than one Crowning Moment of Funny despite having no lines and about five minutes of screentime. He got spin-offs.
  • The flower from The Brave Little Toaster, if the comments on youtube videos are anything to judge by.
  • Bigfoot in A Goofy Movie has what is commonly considered the funniest part of the entire movie, especially when he puts on the Walkman and starts dancing to "Stayin' Alive".
  • Frozone's wife in The Incredibles. She never appears on-screen and her only scene is arguing with her husband about his supersuit. It is by far the most memorable scene in an already great movie.