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Nightmare Fuel: This Is It
  • All the faces silently screaming in Bad Things That Could Happen, including the wall that gets a nail through it, the mouth that loses two teeth, and the matchbox lit on fire.
    • The mouse that gets caught in a trap - and its head gets split in two. As in, half of its head falls off.
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared and the creativity explosion. Cake full of body parts, anyone?
  • The sequel has the scene where everyone starts rotting alive.
  • The Kickstarter videos. First, there's the entire premise of the puppets being kidnapped and held hostage, which several people have criticized for crossing a line into legitimately traumatic territory. Then, in "HELP #2", there's Yellow Thing having a bag put on his head and yelling, "No, I don't want it!" It's very unsettling, especially since Yellow Thing is crying while he's talking.
    • There's also a split-second shot of Sketchbook's face on the floor. Just her face, not the rest of her. She could be dead... or alternatively, she could be still alive, but faceless.
      • Look closely at the room. She may have been nailed to the wall.
    • "HELP #3" has the evil puppet gathering a collection of body parts (which may or may not come from our heroes) into a bag and writing 'YOU' on the bag with what's probably the puppets' blood. All while distorted cheery music plays in the background.
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