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Nightmare Fuel: Super Mario Galaxy
  • ADMIT IT, you were scared when the universe was destroyed. If you understood the Gainax Ending quickly enough for the repercussions to take you by surprise, that is.
  • Kingfin was kinda scary.
  • Also, right before Bouldergeist explodes, his uvula pulsates, his head shrinks, and his eyes triple in size... and he explodes...
  • The NPC bees are cute, but take a close-up look at their faces...
  • The Lumas' cycle of gorging themselves, and then committing suicide by exploding into a new celestial object. They are eventually being reborn somehow, but these guys are happy that they are exploding.
    • Bears a hilariously disturbing resemblance to a certain kinky fetish.
  • That gigantic Electric Jellyfish you first see above your head while trying to swim up and around it.
  • When your last point of health is taken away by electrical sources, Mario turns into a skeleton. That's right, he didn't just get hurt, he is completely and unmistakably dead.
  • This music was always creepy and strangely downbeat.
  • When Mario's hand rises up when he sinks in sand or toxic waste, all while hearing him drown.
  • When Mario touches dark matter, he slowly disintegrates, and his life bar isn't empty until AFTER Mario is completely gone. He feels the whole thing!
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