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Nightmare Fuel: Resident Evil 4
"Does somebody need a hug?"
  • The first El Gigante you encounter demonsrates its impressive strength by killing a bunch of Ganados.
  • The Ganados once their heads begin to explode, causing the Plagas to sprout out of their bodies.
  • Dr. Salvador... .He is a chainsaw-wielding Ganado that can kill you in one hit, and is very tough to kill.
    • Not to mention you'll probably hear him before you see him... which means that you'll be hearing a chainsaw when you can't see anyone else.
  • SUPER Dr. Salvador! He's only accessible in the water level in Mercenaries Mode, and for good reason! He's WAY too strong to fight up close, and cuts your head off if you even come into punching distance! Now, you may notice a high tower you can go up and snipe from...until you find out HE CAN JUMP TO THAT HEIGHT WITHOUT WARNING! The only character, shown in this video, who can take him on with little problem is Wesker, but only because he had that magnum. Normally, at least a couple of explosive barrels are needed to even kill the guy... but he just keeps coming back!
    • Krauser can do a fair job of hurting Super Salvador provided the player is competent. One arrow from any distance either to the chest or center of mass staggers him and opens him up to follow-up shots.
  • If you get grabbed by a Ganado holding a lit stick of dynamite, and it goes off before you can wrest yourself out of his arms, this happens.
  • The Regenerators. Seeing one lurch into view and stagger towards you, an unholy, guttural sound like someone with razors stuck in their throat burbling from their maw...
    • Encountering the lab where they were created, finding the horrific failed test subjects, and ending up inside a freezer with numerous partially complete creatures hanging from the ceiling with parasites visible and still moving inside them.
    • And then, once you've developed a healthy fear of the things, you find yourself in a hallway lined with jail cells on either side. And you hear the telltale rasping of a Regenerator. And you know it's in one of those jail cells, but you don't know which, and you know that if you check inside the wrong one, you'll turn around just in time to see it stepping inside from the opposite cell, blocking your only way out. It's actually past the jail cells and around the corner, in a position where it's unable to sneak up on you from behind at all.
      • Another interesting little tidbit: On Professional Mode, which isn't really that much harder than normal mode, they can run. And yeah, it's horrifying.
      • Iron Maidens, as seen in the page image. They're Regenerators that can stretch their arms and grab Leon, impaling him with their spikes. Hence the name.
      • Iron Maidens also twitch constantly, and if you shoot their legs off, they don't flop forward like normal Regenerators. They slither.
      • The first scene featuring the Regenerator, where you see a big gray corpse in a freezer, keep going, and when you turn back, it's GONE. And when it showed up again, it's a walking, GRINNING abomination that appears to be laughing at you as it moves in for the kill.
    • Their music theme sounds like a Silent Hill soundtrack piece.
    • If one of them grapples Leon, you get a nice close-up of their face practically opening up as it chomps down on him. Absolutely chilling.
  • The Comillos, which are essentially wolves infected with Las Plagas, have a horrific transformation of tentacles popping out of their flesh, and savagely attempt to rip out your throat/bite your face off when they attack you.
    • Provided you didn't double back across the lake at night after facing the Del Lago, your first encounter with the Comillos will be walking up a path at night while a pack of Comillos wait for you. You can actually see them, sitting perfectly still with an evil snarl on their faces, waiting for you.
    • You also encounter them later on, wandering around the hedge maze in Salazar's castle. Hearing them panting from a distance without knowing their exact whereabouts in the maze is frightening enough as is, but the fact that they tend to pop out of nowhere and can even come up behind you makes this one of the more nerve-wracking segments of the game.
  • The first time you see Las Plagas in its natural form. During a "dark and stormy night", the protagonist, Leon Kennedy, enters a small canyon and sees one of Los Ganados (zombies) approaching him. The effect is somewhat chilling because the Ganados' eyes are glowing. But then it gets downright horrific when its head snaps back and a massive tentacle forces its way out of the creature's mouth. The tentacle is tipped with spikes that only require one or two hits to kill Leon. And through all of this, it's smiling at you.
  • Ramon Salazar's first scene, and all you can think is "What the hell is that guy?"
  • Del Lago, should you decide to shoot the lake repeatedly before engaging in the actual boss fight, will erupt from the lake and close its massive jaws over Leon and most of the dock in a single bite.
    • Speaking of Del Lago, getting knocked off the boat and swimming to safety as the creature encroaches from behind is always terrifying. The further away from the boat you are, the scarier it is. And even after defeating the thing, you're still not in the clear. Your foot gets caught in a rope that is attached to Del Lago's sinking carcass - and unless you cut quickly, it'll drag you down with it.
  • Aptly referred to as "It" by Saddler, U-3 is a disgusting abomination with a broken jaw, serpentine spear-like tongue, deformed body, and crazy eyes, among other things. And you have to outrun it in a large cage with narrow corridors where it can attack you from the ceiling as well. After you get through the cage, you enter into the second stage of fighting with U-3. If the creature gets a good enough shot at Leon with its pincers, it can give him what the medical community likes to call a hemicorporectomy - in layman's terms, he gets cleaved in half at the waist. If successful, this is a one-hit kill. Not a pretty sight...
  • The Garrador. Being trapped in the prison cell with the the first one is bad enough, but later on you fight two at once! And their eyes are sewn shut.
  • The fight with a pair of Gigantes. There's a neat little trick in the room the fight takes place in, where you could pop open a trap door in the middle of the room that would send one of them falling into a pit of molten steel/lava/whatever. It will grab you if you get too close and drag you to your death.
  • The fight with Bitores Mendez. The guy, who is freakin' HUGE, somehow sneaks up on you, starts to strangle you, throws you against the rafters, and proceeds to lock you in by bending the door handles with his BARE HANDS!!! He then tries to punch you, which would PROBABLY obliterate your head, but you get out of the way and knock over a barrel of gasoline, shoot it so it catches fire, and get away and all the gasoline blows up. But then, of course, the smoke clears, you see his body fall apart, revealing a long, thin hand with giant claws!! Then you see him, standing there, before his torso detaches from his legs, growing a giant spine and a pair of segmented limbs.
  • There's a room in Salazar's castle where you have to sort paintings. The paintings are grisly portrayals of hangings and lynchings, showing that he is sick (probably more so than other Resident Evil bad guys).
  • From a quick comparison to the scene where you see how the Plagas inside Leon and Ashley are destroyed, the Illuminados emblem seems to be the image of a Plaga as it latches onto the victim's spinal cord.
  • This game has some Nightmare Fuel as a Bilingual Bonus, no less. The zealots' phrases get pretty creepy, specially the tone in which they are said: "Morir es vivir... Morir es vivir..." ("To die is to die is to live...") and "¡Oh, sí! ¡Quiero matar!" (Oh, yes! I want to kill!) deserve a special mention.
    • "Cerebros, cerebros, cerebros" ("Brains, brains, brains")
  • When the plagas inside Leon begins to take control for a moment and forces him to strangle Ada, we get a close up of his face as his eyes go red and his expression slowly turns psychotic.
  • Despite being an Actionized Sequel, the game has one of the most nightmare fueltastic soundtracks of the series. The nightmarish crown jewel of the soundtrack is probably the Regenerator theme.
  • If you get killed by a Novistador when it grabs you and starts puking acid on you, you'll be treated to a disturbingly realistic sight of Leon with half of his face melted off.
  • Toward the end of the game, a filthy red dumpster can be seen near some jail cells. When opened, it contains a dirty, blood-stained bodybag, which suddenly begins writhing about violently. This does not attack the player in any way, but if encountered at the wrong time can change garment colors and deteriorate sanity. Taken Up to Eleven in the bonus game Separate Ways in post-GameCube version, where the dumpster is already opened and the bodybag is thrashing about with significantly more vigor even before the camera pans down to the bottom. The character Ada simply looks disgusted and shuts the lid. The player... probably not as much.
  • One particularly nightmarish scene is when the Plaga inside Leon's body briefly takes control of him and forces him to nearly choke Ada to death, complete with Red Eyes, Take Warning and a Kubrick Stare.
  • While the normal Plagas' habit of blasting out of their hosts' heads is pretty disturbing on its own, this collection of scrapped concept ideas look like they've been plucked straight out of a Junji Ito manga.

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