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Awesome: Resident Evil 4
  • The Separate Ways mode pits Ada Wong against an entire battleship with heavy artillery. Guess whether it's even floating by the end of the level.
  • Many bosses, when stunned, usually have a window for Leon to perform a cool Action Command, such as the fight with El Gigante and the final boss. Leon jumps onto the final boss' back and stabs him in the eye with his knife!
  • "Monsters. I guess after this there'll be one less to worry about."
    • And then murdering the largest boss in the game with a single shot from your RPG. Anticlimatic? Maybe. Awesome? Hell, yeah!
  • Leon vs. El Gigante. Damage it enough, and the parasite within will protrude from the monster's back. A normal hero would shoot it. Leon runs up the giant's back and attacks the parasite with his knife.
    • It's also a Moment of Awesome for the dog (Should you rescue it earlier): instead of running off, it comes back to help Leon by standing up to the giant mutated monster and barking at it to distract it from attacking Leon.
    • Somewhat badass for the player, too, since using the shotgun is easier—but a real Moment of Awesome for the player comes in the mines, when you fight two Gigantes and kill both of them this way.
  • Leon arrives at the Los Illuminados fortified barracks and is hopelessly outnumbered, when suddenly, a helicopter sent by his agency swoops in to the rescue and blows the shit out of the camp. Best accompanied by the song "America, Fuck Yeah!" Like so.
  • Halfway through the village, Leon runs across a note from one of the higher-ups that says something to the effect of "You have to do something, or he's gonna kill us all!" Congratulations, Leon, you and your pistol have made a village of humanoid abominations fear for their very survival.
  • Ramon Salazar prepares to give Leon a speech on terrorism, complete with reaching for an ominously out-of-sight lever. Leon's response? He flings his knife into Salazar's hand from across the room.
    • The Napoleon reacting by crying like a little girl and running away makes this Just. Plain. Awesome.
  • The fight with the Verdugo. It was just the right type of terrifying and it was also completely awesome.
  • Salazar sends Leon down a trap door with spikes at the bottom. Leon manages to get his grappling hook out in time and avoids impalement. When Salazar tries to eavesdrop on his death screams, Leon shoots the listening device, nearly deafening the former.
    • Icing on the cake? Salazar, the cool and collected Smug Snake that he is, gets absolutely pissed.
      • Added in with the prior example, and you can see the chain of events: Salazar goes from arrogantly boasting at him, to pissed off at him, to scared shitless of him. Leon Scott Kennedy 3, Ramon Salazar 0.
  • The fight with Del Lago. I kept thinking of Jaws and Gyorg's boss fight.
  • The final boss fight against the mutated form of Osmund Saddler. And the jet ski ride afterwards while the clock counts down to the island's destruction.
  • Hell, the entirety of RE4 is pretty much one long Moment of Awesome for Leon. Not that his awesomeness was ever questioned, but this was arguably the game that solidified Leon's status as a true gaming badass alongside the likes of Solid Snake, Link, and Master Chief.
    • It must be stressed that he mostly goes through the entire thing on his own. The other protagonists and antagonists may have as many Moments of Awesome, but Leon Kennedy is a goddamn one man army.
  • The knife fight with Krauser. Not to mention the boss battle later.
    • The actual boss fight with Krauser is one for the combat knife, considering that it's actually the weapon that does the most damage against him.
  • After being trapped in a cabin with an army of Ganados heading their way, Leon tells Ashley to hide. Then Leon and Luis team up and, after about ten minutes of slaughtering the enemies, it's the Ganados who decide to retreat.
  • Looking at the number of enemies killed on the stats screen, on average Leon kills around 1,000 Ganados. Ada is no slouch either in Separate Ways, with her total usually coming up to around 400-500. Damn.
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