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Shout Out: Resident Evil 4
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    Film and TV 

  • One of Leon's unlockable bonus weapons is called Matilda.
    • This is also a shout-out to Resident Evil 2 as the main gun itself is the VP 70 handgun Leon used in that game. You could find the parts to upgrade Leon's handgun to the Matilda, and Hunk had one listed as the Matilda in his inventory in "The 4th Survivor" subplot.
    • Another reference to the film: the hardest difficulty setting is "Professional".
    • The movie being referenced is ''Leon'' aka ''The Professional''. The main characters are named Leon and Mathilda.
  • The Broken Butterfly's description mentions it will "make anyone's day." The Merchant also notes that the Broken Butterfy is "not just about shooting, it's about reloading. You'll know what I'm talking about."
    • He's also warning you about the longer reload time there, which can get you very killed if you're not careful.
  • Ada's pose for "Separate Ways" mirrors the film poster for Nikita.
  • There are many similarities to the monstrous mutations and John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). Most noticeably the Colmillos, the wolves in the game, which look almost exactly like the dog in the film.
    • Especially with tentacles sprouting from their backs and whipping wildly around.
  • Ramon Salazar seems to be named after one of the villains in 24.
    • Leon's pose for the PlayStation 2 cover of the game is very similar to the spine graphic of season four's DVD set.
  • Bitores Mendez heavily resembles Grigori Rasputin. In fact, Jessi Corti's voice work for him even bears an uncanny resemblance to Grigori Rasputin from the Hellboy movie.
  • In Chapter 3-1, after defeating the first Garrador and turning off the flame barrier, three whiteheads in red robes greet Leon when he moves up the stairs. The first whitehead points at Leon and shouts, then runs back the way he came. He ends up standing in a corner facing the wall, like Mike at the end of The Blair Witch Project.
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • Krauser's use of a bow in Mercenaries may be a shout-out to the Rambo films. Heck, the guy is so 80's action movie personified he should be headlining Contra, not being a second-tier villain in a horror shooter.
  • It's been noted that the game contains a lot of similarities with Dagon, an adaptation of The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The inhuman villagers armed primarily with melee weapons stalking a lone protagonist, the setting in rural Spain, and the religious cult revolving around betentacled abominations are all similarities. A random villager even looks almost exactly like the Merchant.
  • The Verdugo looks like a cross between a Xenomorph (body) and the Predator (head), complete with the latter's laser vision, and also uses Jaws First Person Perspective while stalking Leon.
    • The Type III plagas, when detached from a Ganado, strongly resemble crawling facehuggers from Alien.
  • Salazar's throne room Trap Door is similar to Jabba's in Return of the Jedi, although instead of being Fed to the Beast, the victim is dropped onto Spikes Of Doom.
  • Dr. Salvador resembles both Leatherface, and Jason Voorhees when he wore a burlap sack mask.
  • When Leon and Ashley reach the Castle, they're chased into it by a mob of angry townsfolk carrying torches and pitchforks.
  • Sometimes the zealots chant, "Cerebros, cerebros, cerebros" (Latin for "Brains, brains, brains"), a shoutout to 1985's The Return Of The Living Dead.
  • Luis' manner of death, impaled in the chest by surprise, from behind, by an previously unseen enemy, is a shoutout to Bishop's death in Aliens.
  • Checking the first "warning sign", which includes four human skulls, Leon says, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

     Video Games 

  • In one of the castle rooms, you can find some firespitting statues of dragons. They are almost identical to the weapon Ifrit from the first Devil May Cry game.
    • The ending is exactly like the one for Devil May Cry, though a jetski is used rather than a biplane which Dante used to escape. In fact, one of the early builds of Resident Evil 4 was turned into Devil May Cry due it straying too far from being Resident Evil.
  • Help the trapped dog early on and he'll come back to help Leon in the first El Gigante fight. The dog is none other than Hewie from Haunting Ground.
    • The situation and result are a reference to the ancient Roman fable Androcles and the Lion.
  • The final part of the game in "Separate Ways", when you need to get Leon the rocket launcher, seems to be based off of part of a map (oil rig) in Counter-Strike.
  • Not only is there an underground lab section with a nearly impossible-to-pass laser grid system, but afterwards there's a chair with two candelabra in which Leon can strike a pose similar to a certain dark lord.
  • The Plagas bear more than a passing resemblance to the parasites in Parasyte. Specifically, a normal human walking towards you with a quickly-whipping mass of bladed tentacles and eyestalks sticking out of his neck.
  • Having to navigate up ladders and stairs while someone rolls barrels down the stairs in the Tower in Chapter 4-4. Some of the barrels are on fire. Early 2D Donkey Kong, anyone?
    • Speaking of 2D platformers, the Cathedral —if viewed from the exit — would look like an old 2D platformer, with the statue's hands being elevators between platforms.
  • "It", aka U3, looks like a centaur from the Fallout series of games, particularly the earlier games. Its second form even ends up with two heads, like the Fallout centaur.
    • Discussed here on the ''Fallout wiki.
    • The section right after the encounter with It is a couple of large tents set up with barrels around them, with crates and boxes stacked inside. Set in a nook between two cliffs, the way forward is down a ladder into the ground. Like some areas and random encounters in the early Fallout games.
  • The limited-weight elevator that Leon rides up to the top of the Tower in Chapter 4-4 is a shout-out to the first Metal Gear Solid game. Snake's on an elevator that won't rise because it's at its weight limit due to invisible enemies being on board.
  • Leon being chased by a boulder (2x) is a shoutout to the same chase in the original Resident Evil. They may both be shoutouts to the boulder chase in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • The paintings of the dead in the portrait puzzle room seem like a clear reference to Silent Hill, and its many ominous paintings.
  • The giant swinging axe-like blades that Leon must pass through after dealing with the Novistadores in the sewer are a shoutout to the very similar series of traps in the first Tomb Raider game.
    • Ada's swan dive off of the drilling rig at the end of the game is a shoutout to Lara's iconic swan dive move.
    • Ada also climbs onto a ledge up by doing a forward handstand, like Lara Croft's special handstand method of climbing up onto a ledge.
    • When Leon's dealing with the ancient underground ruins, there are a couple of sarcophaguses in and underground cavern. He loots a jeweled scepter from one grave, which means he's literally raiding a tomb for treasure. He later does some platforming in above ground ancient ruins in the final confrontation with Krauser. Both are ironic aspects of the Tomb Raider games.
  • Ashley and Ada get short of breath after running a ways. Harry Mason did the same in 1999 in Resident Evil's main rival Silent Hill 1.
  • Krauser's super-soldier "charting a new course for the world" is a shout-out to Metal Gear Solid.
  • One item that consistently puzzles players are the crates containing snakes. How would you get a full grown snake in a box? It crawled into the box as a tiny snake, and grew to full size there. This implies enough creatures coming to the box for the snake to live and grow on.
  • When Mike is taken down from the air with a RPG, Saddler will call Leon and tell him that "It's no different form swatting a bothersome fly", mimicking the euphemism used by Liquid Snake.
  • In Chapter Five of Separate Ways, the prompt for Ada's grappling hook changes to "Hook Shot."
  • The Merchant's "Welcome!" and "Heheheh, thank you!" lines are lifted almost straight from the merchants in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

  • In the second area after reaching the Castle, Leon and Ashley are attacked by cannon fire. The first shot destroys a Dread Gazebo.
  • After reaching the Castle, Leon and Ashley are frequently attacked by figures in black robes and cowls, wielding scythes to take Leon's life. death personified.
  • Krauser's wearing a raspberry beret.
  • Instead of a goose that lays golden eggs, the game has chickens that sometimes lay golden eggs.
  • In addition to the aforementioned Tomb Raider reference, there's also the simply fact that the room having a pit and the blades swinging is reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe's The Pit and the Pendulum.
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