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Nightmare Fuel: Platypus Comix


  • Imagine being a comic book character like the ones in "True Believers", living under the beck and call of editors who can change your life to suit their twisted whims, without a care for your personal happiness. Peter Parker even tells Mary Jane that he considers this scarier than anything the Rogues Gallery can pull.
  • The Mulberry comic "Heiress A Parent" gets pretty scary once one of the wards becomes corrupted strongly enough to try and kill Mulberry and her friends For the Evulz.
  • The last two pages of "Vess MacMeal Starring in: The More You Know!"
  • In Free Spirit, one can kill a witch by trapping her in a mirror, then shattering it.
  • The Big Creepy-Crawlies from the Free Spirit comic "Bedbugs and Broomsticks", as seen for the first time here.



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  • The "Concept Unification" process used to create the animatronic character bands at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants shortly after they merged with Showtime Pizza. The skins of the old Rock-Afire Explosion characters are removed piece by piece, slowly stripping each of the mechanical skeletons of their personalities, and replaced with completely new, completely different Chuck E. Cheese character skins. Not helped at all by the depressing muzak and deadpan monotone narrator, the fact that Chuck E. himself used to be two characters (Rolfe the ventriloquist wolf and his sentient Muppet Earl), and the fact that a dog character named Dook is turned into a creepy cartoon chef.
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