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Trivia: Platypus Comix
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: As of 2013, the site has four ongoing comics all created by Peter, along with humorous articles added every other week or so. He also has to edit the publication, BANG! The Entertainment Paper.
  • Creator Backlash: Peter won't avoid admitting his discontent with some of his old, discontinued series, such as Riot Act and Marin Meadow .
  • Life Imitates Art: "Nester and Wiiner # 2: No More Heroes," a story about Casual Video Game production causing a decline in quality Nintendo games, ended with Nintendo making plans for a game about breathing. Over a year later, Ubisoft announced plans for Innergy, a game about breathing.
  • Missing Episode: Several of the oldest banners got deleted to save space.
  • Old Shame: In its formative years, the site contained no archive. Some cartoons were literally up for only one week and then banished forever. The practice was originally due to limited storage space (it began as a GeoCities site) but was continued until 2006 as a means of quality control (anything Peter didn't regret making was given a position in a selective archive section). Most of the pre-2006 works are still offline, but lately they have turned up in book collections.
    • One discontinued series, Guava Guava, still has a few comics posted at, including the second part of "Raiders of the Lost Arc". However, Peter divided them among the Variety and Kristmas Klassics sections, as opposed to giving Guava Guava its own menu and spot on the homepage.
  • One of Us: From the articles, it's rather evident that Peter is a gamer, and very in tune with pop culture. Plus, a few comics and articles refer to tropes by name.
  • Reality Subtext: Numerous examples, such as the Mulberry comic "Murphy's Lawn" (built up on Brittany Murphy's death) and the Keiki comic "Beefer in the Time of Cholera" (set during the economic recession of the late 2000s). Peter also traditionally makes comics about Dan Blather covering the Olympic Games and Mulberry trying to influence the Presidential Election.
  • Viral Marketing:
    • Some of the banners displayed in Fall and Winter of 2010 have the number pi displayed for reasons that didn't seem very clear until New Year's Day 2011, when Paltridge released the first Princess Pi comic.
    • During the week of April 15-21, 2012, the banner featured a working countdown to midnight April 23 ET, at which time Peter Paltridge would make "the most important announcement in Platypus Comix history." Peter extended the countdown, then shortened it, then revealed that he plans to collect stories and comics for an independent publication: BANG! The Entertainment Paper.
  • What Could Have Been: Peter's deviantART page includes sketches and synopses for two abandoned ideas he had for flagship comics: Mackenzie, the Magician's Daughter, and Johnny Redshirt. They both got rejected in favor of Princess Pi.

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