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  • Peter Paltridge's two-part interview with Warner Bros. cartoons producer Tom Ruegger was deemed awesome.
  • Three years in the making: My First Webpages, an article in which every word links to a different website.
  • The newspaper scans are one of the few places to find the earlier character designs for some comics (like Drabble or Curtis) or more obscure comics that have since been cancelled.
  • The rant from "What Powell's Throws Out, Part Two" about how one's tastes in books change.
  • From the "100 of the World's Greatest Whispers", his response to one comment saying "Suicidal people are angels waiting to go home".
    This isn't the first time I've seen this one posted. The biggest problem with Whisper is that it can provide a platform of support for thoughts that are destructive or suicidal. Folks, you are not angels waiting to go home (in fact, no theological text supports this); you're dealing with depression (maybe clinical) which countless people have dealt with before you, and it's not the end of the world; there is help. And you need to go find a better source of potential friends than Whisper.
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