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  • The life-size Britney Spears doll from the untitled Guava Guava Kristmas Klassic ("Change its diaper every hour, or else it dies!") seems pretty funny, unless you feel sick of Britney Spears bashing.
  • "Awesome Blossom"'s surprisingly accurate depiction of life in the year 2000 includes Blossom encountering a foul-mouthed Weeble.
  • Also, the parts where "Awesome Blossom" resorts to recycling Star Wars clips a la Muppet Babies.
  • The Head Executive receives a letter requesting that Peter Paltridge review a Spider-Man comic about a subject that the Executive censors over with the word, "DELETED"note . Mary Jane becomes disgusted after discovering Spidey did a story about this, even though he claims it was for a good cause, so he tries to assure her, "I swear, I've only ever gotten deleted for you!"
  • One of the Kimwon features that Vess MacMeal's husband discovers in "Vess MacMeal Starring in: The More You Know!" involves acting as a steering wheel. An ad appearing over the wheel causes him to crash into a tree, but fortunately, the Kimwon can call 911... the ambulance driver crashes into a pole while using a Kimwon to drive to the accident site, but at least that Kimwon can also call 911!
  • From the last page of "Vess MacMeal...", Kim Jong Il revealing, "The Kimwon is made of people!" and the way Vess, her husband, and Junior respond.


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  • Peter begins "Eulogy for Alf" by saying he originally planned to write a tribute to the then-recently deceased Ed McMahon, but considered changing it to a Farrah Fawcett tribute after she died, but ultimately, he knew he had to write something about Alf's death. After going through a lengthy and fabricated account of Alf's rise and fall, Paltridge announces he suddenly heard that one more celebrity passed away: Billy Mays, who he then calls the biggest loss of them all.

  • The comments Peter makes in his Aladdin: The Return of Jafar review about the occasionally ghastly animation.
    [Jasmine]'s fully in the right to distort her face to Spumco proportions...
  • When Marie Osmond shows up in the Walt Disney TV special reviewed in "Walt Disney: One Man's Nightmare", Peter decides to share a theory about the fact she lacks visible signs of aging:
    Either she entered that pact with the woman from Death Becomes Her and swallowed her potion, or she's a robot. Which one is more plausible? Well, that woman doesn't exist, so....the robot, of course.

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  • The stories Peter makes up in "Seven Failed Brand Crossovers" about the origins and failures of Cosmopolitan Yogurt and Clairol Touch of Yogurt Shampoo.

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