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Nightmare Fuel: Duke Nukem 3D
  • Duke Nukem 3D features naked women trapped in alien plant matter throughout the game, who mutter "Kill me" in a desperate tone when talked to; it's a bit creepy, but soon you get used to it. All you can do is either kill them or leave them to their fate. Even worse is the poor woman in the intro in Episode 4: The Birth. As if being impregnated and giving birth to the alien's new Queen isn't bad enough, there are alien troopers surrounding her, watching with joy as she screams in agony and presents them with their abomination of a ruler.
  • The Assault Commander. "Suck it down!" "Boom!", Duke gets reduced to Ludicrous Gibs. An even scarier Demonic Spider is the Protector Drone. Horrific appearance and sound, loves to hide in dark areas where its glowing red eye is the only thing visible, moves like grease lightning and attacks with shrink rays.
  • Another Demonic Spider: the Protozoid Slimer. A Personal Space Invader which jumps at your face, blocking the screen and munching Duke's face. Add to this the fact that the first level, and indeed most of the levels they appear in lack much in the way of lighting.
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