Nightmare Fuel: Beetlejuice

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    The Movie 
  • Two Words: Betelgeuse Snake, especially that frighteningly creepy leer on his face when he corners Lydia. It even got referenced in the Shin Megami Tensei series of games, as a boss enemy in Shin Megami Tensei 2.
  • The scene where Barbara tries to scare Delia by hanging herself in a closet and then ripping off her own face.
    • Fortunately for Delia and Otho, they can't see her. They were more terrified at how small the closet was.
  • Barbara and Adam's transformations where Barbara stretched her face with her eyeballs in her mouth and Adam made his face beak-shaped with eyeballs on his fingers. Look, if you dare.
  • Given the theme of ghosts resembling their corpses at the moment of death...just stop and think of some of the horrible ways that people have died.
  • The Sandworms.
  • Betelgeuse himself...and not just when he's in his giant-snake form. In the movie he's Chaotic Evil, can change form at will into anything, and he's not above killing people.
  • Two words: Shrimp Hands.
  • Also, the sťance that is supposed to be a way to contact the spirits of Adam and Barbara - which is actually an exorcism. Seeing their ghosts being slowly destroyed, shriveling and aging... AAAAAHHHH!
  • The scene where Beetlejuice eats the fly.

    The Cartoon 
  • Just the beginning of the second intro! The original one wasn't that bad, but the second opening starts out with Beetlejuice's rotting corpse sitting inside a coffin as he's summoned back to life by Lydia chanting his name three times. The look in his eyes as he awakens is disturbing.