Narm / Fire Emblem

  • When The Black Knight/Zelguis dies in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, he mutters "...phiran, I will wait for you in the afterlife..." Although this is intended as a dying man missing a syllable in his last breath, this becomes slightly narmy if one knows that a "phiran" is a type of cloak.
    • And then of course, there's the line "Now one of those two is truly...alone..." Danananananana! You got Alondite!
    • While we're still on that subject, here's three words: Ike's memory scene. The voice acting just COMPLETELY ruined the dramatic moment. For starters, Ike should sound like a kid, not a poor man's reenaction of Marty McFly.
      • Nearly every cutscene in Radiant Dawn had absolutely horrendous voice acting. It's a toss up as to whether the memory scenes involving Zelgius and Sephiran or the wooden dialogue between Ranulf and Skrimir are more painful to listen to. And an honorable mention for Tibarn.
        "To WING, brothers! Keep UP with me if you CAN!!!"
      • The European dubbings got it better, though far from great. The acting was decent enough more often than not, but sometimes you had the same actor voicing two different characters IN THE SAME CUTSCENE. As example, Zelgius and Skrimir in the river battle cutscene in Spanish. WHAT THE HELL?!
    • Pelleas: "You're going to pay! You're going to - BLAAAARRGGH!" Guys, Pelleas just threw up!
    • For an otherwise touching and wonderful friendship/shipping moment, Soren's crying at the end of his and Ike's hidden conversation hit this HARD. It's incredibly hard not to laugh at the thought of Soren of all people sobbing "Uwaaaah...GWAAAAH!". It's even better if you try to make the crying sounds out loud. People do not cry like that.
  • In Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, right before the start of the final battle, the Big Bad removes the turban that has been covering one of his eyes. It reveals a big unblinking scarred eye. Though it looks a bit silly, the mood of the scene allows the reveal to be dramatic. And then, the eyeball jiggles up and down like a googly doll-eye every once in a while when he speaks...
    • Another one involving the Big Bad is right before The Reveal on Ninian. For some reason, Eliwood's sprite goes black and remained that way throughout the entire scene.
  • In Seisen no Keifu, the Battle of Belhalla loses a good part of its emotional power due to the whole scene being on Super-Deformed. Court mages casting Meteor to decimate an army? Epic and tragic. Cute little SD mages casting Meteor to decimate an equally cute little army? .... Huh?
    • Also, the infamous "DASTARD" line. The word in itself is used correctly, but it's so antiquated that it leads people to think it's a mispelled or censored version of "bastard."
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening, whenever the Avatar dies (which is a Game Over), Chrom's screams of "OPEN YOUR EEEEYEEEEEES!" are... overblown, to say it politely.
    • Outside of the CG cutscenes, Awakening shied away from full-voice acting, and instead just gave each character a dozen or so voice clips that are played when the character is fighting or speaking. In the wrong context, some of these can be unintentionally hilarious, like Donnel shouting out his Critical Hit quote "GET READY!"... while proposing marriage to Sully.
    • One of Yarne's voice clips, "No, YOU go extinct!" is unintentionally amusing in the context of a love confession.
    • Look at the design of the male Great Knights. More specifically, the INCREDIBLY stupid-looking helmet. And then we get to the just as idiotic designs for the Knights and the Generals... WTF is this, Pokémon?!
      • And the fact none of the characters look like they have feet.
      • Apparently, this was done because the developers weren't sure how powerful the 3DS would be in terms of rendering the battles, as if adding a few extra vertices to the character models would suddenly drop the whole game down to 5 FPS. A ridiculous oversight leading to ridiculous character designs.
    • For some cynical and/or ship-snarky fans, the "Lucina's Judgement" scenes that take place when Lucina is either the daughter of a Female Avatar or the wife of a male Avatar come up as so melodramatic and emotionally manipulative that they qualify as this instead of a Tear Jerker-like Player Punch. YMMV, of course.
    • As if his limited competence as The Dragon isn't bad enough, Validar's ridiculous looks make it hard to take him seriously.
    • Ricken's Dark Knight model is so tiny, it makes him look as if he was a kid cosplaying a mage and riding a freaking pony.
  • Regarding Fire Emblem Fates, general consensus amongst the fanbase is that the English voice acting that has been seen/heard so far is good...except for Garon's, thanks to his only spoken line being laughably full of ham.
    Garon: "You are my child now."
    • The true form of Anankos has a shape that is... uhm, better defined in the following phrase:
    • The game allows the players to modify their characters's looks by adding accessories (animal tails or ears, specs, etc.) or making them wear different outfits (bathing suits, maid dresses, etc.), which can potentially disrupt the mood in special scenes. i.e, taking Scarlet's death seriously can be quite harder if Gunter aka her Demonic Possession-afflicted killer is wearing something like a fox tail or a funny pair of glasses when this takes place...
    • While the English versions of the dancing scenes during both Birthright and Conquest are mostly awesome thanks to Rena Strober's singing, the Closed Captioning shown when Garon is reacting to Azura at the end of both scenes is...not so awesome.
    (groans of increasing discomfort)
    • When Ryoma commits seppuku in Conquest, the angle in which this genuinely shocking action is shown makes it look more he's cutting his nuts off instead. Uh...
    • Hans, The Brute of Nohr and one of the secondary villains, becomes hard to take seriously when you take a look at his outfit. His character class is Berserker, which wears a fluffy tail on the back of their outfits in this game.
    • Sophie has a personal skill that strips enemies down to their underwear. This allows the player to soften some enemies up by having Sophie reduce their defense... then have them finished off in their underpants. The player can have quite a bit of fun by sending some characters to have important pre-battle conversations with bosses... when the bosses are in their underpants, like this spoileriffic picture shows.
    • The deaths of Flora in Birthright and Lilith in both routes are seen by a large portion of the audience as impossible to take seriously:
      • Flora's suicide because it makes no sense (especially to somebody who knows nothing about their character and has not played Conquest or Revelation aka the paths where she can be recruited and her supports explain why she is... well, the way she is), no explanation is given in Birthright for how what they did is even physically possible, it's ridiculously over the top and the sort of thing that would have greatly benefitted from having a CGI cutscene instead of using the in-game models, and it comes way too quickly after a previous (potential) death scene that's seen as better done as a whole. Many let's players react to this scene not with tears, but laughter or meme-spouting.
      • Lilith's Heroic Sacrifice because in both routes it comes across as incredibly contrived, as they come completely out of nowhere (despite almost never being seen outside of My Castle) to block an attack either from a random mook you've just killed dozens of or a boss you've both watched get curbstomped by mooks and later curbstomped yourself, and instantly die in one hit despite in all likelihood being ridiculously durable in-game.
    • In Heirs of Fate 5, if Male Kana fights the Brainwashed and Crazy Queen Mikoto aka the Avatar's mother/his grandmother, the latter will refer to the first as "an adorable moppet". Quite the out-of-place choice of words, indeed.
    • Zola isn't quite a gonk, design-wise, but his rather ridiculous jester-like hat is impossible to take seriously.