Narm / Death Note
I'll take a potato chip...

Between the genuinely dramatic moments featured in Death Note, it also has its fair share of cheesy moments, as well.

The 2017 Live-Action Adaptation has its own dedicated page.

  • Light eating a potato chip in slow motion, to Ominous Latin Chanting. The guys at [adult swim] realized this and made it the episode's promo. The English dub has Light's "I'll take a potato chip... and eat it!" delivered in an even more dramatic voice than in the original, and added maniacal laughter; whether this is deliberate Lampshade Hanging or unintentional is unknown. Still, this being YMMV, many fans consider the Epic Potato Chips scene awesome. Really awesome.
  • Mikami's catchphrase of "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" is another cross between awesome and narm. It would help it if didn't sound like he was channeling Strong Bad.
    • There is also the fact that, for any Doctor Who fans, you can't help but think of him as Cyberman Kira.
    • Following the rise of Broken Matt Hardy, there's another layer of narm to the phrase.
  • Mikami's death in the anime. It would have been more dramatic without all the High-Pressure Blood. Seriously, it's like a geyser.
    • And if he hadn't done it with a fountain pen. Sure, you'd probably die if you stabbed yourself in the chest with a pen in real life, but it wouldn't have caused blood to spray from your body like a firehose.
    • It's ridiculous no matter what weapon was used because the entire thing, the thrashing about, the blood geyser, is so cartoonish. The geyser is a physical impossibility, although the pen does make it more absurd. It's also infuriating to fans of the manga, because it was handled better there.
  • Matt's death was absolutely hilarious. So anticlimactic, and it came right when he was suggesting that he wouldn't be killed because he could tell the angry mob useful things! His status as a Red Shirt-wearing Ensemble Darkhorse was icing on the cake.
    • The above scene is nastily parodied here.
  • The extreme facial expressions used by Light and Mikami all throughout the final episode manage to straddle the line between Narm and Nightmare Fuel.
  • Larry Connors introduces himself to Soichiro under the alias 'John McEnroe'. There should have been a scene with him saying "Light Yagami is Kira!? YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!" and throwing something.
    • Considering he's the first sign the task force gets of Near's existence, the moment is a good, hearty tennis is still in season.
  • A kid threatened bullies with this gem:
    "Leave me alone or I'll put your names on the Internet!"
  • "I want to tell you I'm L." Really anticlimactic there, L.
    • This happens in the dub because the way L said "I'm L" in Japanese is "Watashi wa L desu." The significance of L and Light's Japanese Pronouns is for another page. The point is, this is a long phrase to match, and the match is awkward.
    • The scene was better in the manga: the reader sees "I am L", rather than hearing it, and then immediately sees Light's reaction.
  • A certain foot-washing scene is supposed to be a Biblical reference, but it's more awkward than anything else.
  • Misa's suggestions that L was a stalker, and her asking to go to the bathroom after losing her memory while being held under suspicion of being the Second Kira, were most likely supposed to be disturbing; but they came off as funny because Misa is already a ditz.
    • She refers to L as "Stalker-san."
      • Misa's one to talk.
    • Any serious scene where Misa opens her mouth qualifies.
      • Except if she's being insane or creepy.
      • Especially if she's being insane or creepy.
  • L throws up his hands in the air, screams, and tips over his chair upon hearing the word "Shinigami" in one of the video messages. Seeing someone typically so calm get so worked up over just hearing the word is hilarious, especially since he took seeing a shinigami considerably better.
  • The English dub of Episode 23 has a particularly clumsy translation error. As Light and L are watching Higuchi in his car, Rem (whom they can neither see nor hear) asks Higuchi to give up ownership of the Death Note. In the original Japanese version, Higuchi outlines why that would be a bad idea, but does not specifically mention the Death Note. In the English dub, however, Higuchi says, "Even if I forgot about the notebook, my life would be over." Neither Light nor L reacts to this!
  • In the manga, Higuchi obtaining the Shinigami Eyes. It was likely meant to invoke fear in the reader... but coupling the eyes with Higuchi's appearance just makes him look like a grinning ape.
  • Mello ordering Sidoh to help get rid of the task force storming his lair. It's supposed to look intense, but the way his eyes bulge out make him look like someone from Ed, Edd n Eddy getting angry. See screencap.
  • Sidoh looks like a total dork screaming "yippee" when he regains his Death Note. It feels inappropriate, since this comes right after Soichiro's death.
  • Any of Mello's scenes in the English dub. His voice actor is trying so hard to sound dramatic that his dialogue sounds pathetically unrealistic. Sadly, this makes it hard to take Mello seriously. The over-the-top expressions Mello tends to make probably don't help.
    • "YOU CAN USE THIS BLANKET." (dramatic toss)
      • What really sold the blanket shot was that he delivered that line and then paused for a full 2-3 seconds before actually throwing it.
      • Well, Mello is competitive, so he may have been trying to one-up Light's legendary potato chip scene.
      • The anime strongly implies that Mello planned his death. Waiting to give Takada the blanket could be to show that he realizes what's about to happen. So it's like "You can use this blanket!" *pause* 'As soon as I hand it to her, my time is up.' *gives blanket*. But yeah, it did seem awkward the first time I watched it.
    • This all probably due to David Hurwitz being a singer first, actor second.
    • This troper found the overperformance to be the perfect fit for Mello's character (intentional or otherwise); he is overly dramatic whenever he speaks because he's desperate to finally be the center of attention.
  • This scene (slightly paraphrased):
    Mello: Shinigami are real.
    Near: I instantly believe you.
  • The deleted scene in which Light stays in the graveyard after L's funeral, starts laughing madly, proceeds to crawl on top of L's grave, and shouts "What do you think of that, L? This is my perfect victory! That's right—I win!" with a crazed look on his face. It is chilling until we see Light looking like a dog barking at the postman when he yells at L's grave.
    • Also, how the hell did no one hear him? True, the Task Force had walked away, but they couldn't have gone that far.
  • Light's utterly disgraceful manga death.
  • L's death is ruined by Light's rape face.
  • Funny fact, Light's last name is "I'm a gay" written backwards. No wonder the guy never seems interested in women.
  • Ukita's death is somewhat ruined by the fact that his head is drawn unusually large in that one moment. You can see it on his character sheet.
  • Light regaining his memories would have been cool if he didn't scream bloody murder for thirty seconds straight! To make matters worse it looks like he's going into the Avatar State.
    • L's reaction makes it even funnier. He pretty much says "Light, you okay?" and that's all.
  • Demigawa's mob:
    IT'S MONEY!!!
    • Let's just face it; as awesome as Near stopping the mob with a literal shower of money was, it was also pretty hilarious.
  • Aizawa gives us this gem in the English dub:
    Aizawa: That settles it. THEY'RE WRITING NOTES!
  • Near wearing L's mask in the warehouse was probably supposed to make him look mysterious... it made him look more silly than anything. That... or freaking creepy.
  • When Light makes a deduction he gets a red tint and a black background, when Mello does it his eyes widen, and when L does it we hear his calm Internal Monologue. Near? He gets inexplicably glowing Prophet Eyes as the entire room spins around like a tornado.
  • An example from Death Note: Light Up the New World is that Light is revealed to have had a child. Who the mother was is never revealed or even hinted at, and knowing Light's frankly misogynistic views regarding women, this seems a touch Out of Character.
  • The scene at the beginning of chapter 61 in which Near and Mello are informed of L's death is hard to take seriously because Mello looks totally psychotic and Near looks like he wasn't paying attention.