Drinking Game: Death Note

Drinking game for Death Note:
  • Drink for every time Light writes something. Dramatically.
  • Drink for every time Misa does/says something stupid.
  • Drink every time it goes a close-up of their faces with the crazy background. Double for Matsuda.
  • Drink every time Light reassures someone that he is most definitely not Kira.
  • Drink every time a religious reference is made. Two sips if it is completely random.
  • Drink every time something is supposed to be absolutely epic, but comes out awkward/ unintentionally funny instead. Two sips, if this epic act is a completely mundane activity. (Like taking a potato chip... AND EATING IT!)
  • In the manga: Take a shot whenever Soichiro gasps.
    • Or every time "..." (and only that) appears in a speech bubble. On second thought, every other time. Your liver will thank you.
  • Drink every time apples are mentioned, twice when one is eaten.
  • Take a shot everytime says "Shut up, Matsuda" or some other variant of the phrase. Take two if it's L that says it.
  • Drink every time L is seen eating some kind of junk food. We recommend you try this with cola for your liver's sake.
  • Take a sip for every Narm moment.
  • Every time Light laughs like a maniac.
  • Take a sip every time Mello is seen eating chocolate.
  • If you think your kidneys are up for the challenge, play this game. Go to Tumblr. Type in "Misa Amane" in the tag section and search for her under the tags. Whenever a post pops up saying that Misa is a terrible character, gets on their nerves, ect., take a shot. If there is a post DEFENDING her or saying she is a GOOD character, ect., down the whole drink. The ambulance will be waiting for you outside your house if you play this game.
  • Best to not even use alcoholic beverage at all for this challenge (pop? maybe something really sweet) but every time L takes a bite of a sweet.
  • Take a shot every time L or Light say that they are JUSTICE!!