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Music: Mer Shopping Missbruk For Studenter

"I exist solely to have bad luck with girls and to make godawful music."

Mer Shopping Missbruk for Studenter is a Industrial / Ambient / Noise Rock / noise / power electronics solo music project turned trio formed by fellow troper murderdartxker. Their musical output under this name, at first, was categorized by looped, distorted guitar and keyboard noises, demonically slowed down samples of Queens of the Stone Age and Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, and occasional playing of random notes on whatever he felt like playing with at the time. Then, on RTM, the sampling was absent, but the music style was mostly similar. ROW//TGP, according to Word of God, will be a true blue noise rock album, with detailed drum programming, loud noisy sound collages and sampling, dissonant, loud riffs, and actual lyrics.


Hell Is That Noise EP (November 15, 2013)

London Slag [1] (originally released as an EP November 16, 2013, but was rereleased on Bandcamp November 19, 2013 being considered an album because of its length)

Read The Mandazoule [2](Released President's Day 2014)

Rites Of Winter // The Grey Plague (Upcoming Summer 2014)

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