Manga / Rokudenashi Blues
Maeda Taison is about to punch you.

Rokudenashinote  Blues is a Shōnen manga by Masanori Morita (author of Rookies and assistant on Fist of the North Star) with a realistic art style and detailed expressions, centering on the highschool career of one Maeda Taison. However, Maeda isn't just any old ordinary high school student, or even an ordinary delinquent: He dreams of becoming the heavyweight champion of the world (even though he doesn't know the rules of boxing.) He knows street fighting though, and he uses those skills to protect his friends, help out his rivals, and generally rule Teiken High School - even though he's just a freshman. Along with his friends Katsuji, Yoneji, and...too many people to name. 42 volumes of fistfighting, blood, comedy, drama, and general awesomeness follow. A classic in Japan, but altogether unknown in the west (except in France.) Made into two live-action movies, two anime movies, and recently adapted to a J-Drama.

This show provides examples of: