This Index Is Expendable

Commander: Okay, let's see if I've got this right.... The kid's about to attack, and when he does, you want me to....
Mook: Surrender, sir.
Commander: Why would I do that?
Mook: Cuz sir, if we fight him, we're all gonna die.
Commander: What gave you that crazy idea?
Mook: Sir, I've checked around and no one aboard this ship has a name.
Commander: So what?
Mook: So it means we're goons! Faceless cannon fodder!
Commander: Bah! You have no proof of that!
Mook: Sir, in case you haven't noticed.... EVERYBODY ABOARD THIS SHIP IS WEARING A RED SHIRT!
Commander: Bah! Sheer coincidence!
Commander: Bah! you're just cracking under the pressure, lad. Just relax. Here, let me show you something. It's a picture of my wife and kids! Ain't they something? They're the reason I'm here. I'm fighting for them. I ain't going to let them down.
Mook: Well, nice knowing you captain.

Sometimes a story will have loads and loads of generic characters; they could be soldiers, warriors, monsters, anything. They either exist as enemies for the hero to blow through on his way to the Big Bad or as his friends (but never actually of the True Companions) to die to show how serious matters have become. Either way, the deal is they're expendable.

See also Sorting Algorithm of Mortality.


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