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Stock Monsters
"Grr. Argh."

You've seen 'em, you love to kill 'em, they're... the stock monsters! These are the generic baddies seen in nearly EVERY RPG you've ever played. At least a few of them are bound to show up within the game, whether you want them there or not. Let's get started introducing, shall we?

We have...

  • Slimes: Amorphous, often translucent blobs. Tend to have some type of water resistance if the game uses Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors. Usually the weakest monsters in the game, but get the upgrade of Metal Slime. Usually has a lot of Underground Monkeys.
  • Spiders/Insects: Giant or otherwise, may or may not attack in swarms, often have some type of poison effects available to them.
  • Tentacled Horrors: Giant or otherwise, includes octopuses and squids, as well as demons with tentacles.
  • Goblins: Short, stubby, and really ugly. If Slimes aren't available, then Goblins (or their cousins the Kobolds) are usually at the bottom on the monster totem pole.
  • Mythological Beasts: Chimeras, basilisks and cockatrices, oh my. These will usually have at least some properties they're 'supposed to have,' i.e., basilisks will have some sort of 'petrification' attack, and chimeras will be made of various animals.
    • Humanoid: Werewolves, wereboars, werebears, weresharks, whatever floats your boat. These guys are almost human. Almost.
    • Dragons: Gotta slay 'em to save the princess, after all. Or maybe they're guarding treasure. Or maybe you are one. Perhaps your Mon is one. They may or may not be firebreathing, but if they are, they're probably fire resistant, or whatever element they're associated with.
  • Mechanical Monsters: Often have high defense, but weak to electrical attacks. Usually subject to Underground Monkey, and often the villain's Mooks.
  • The Undead: When fighting these, just remember— Revive Kills Zombies. (Of course, sometimes, that option is out.) This group includes your standard zombies and skeletons, and also your lich kings and vampires.
  • Elementals: Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! (Sadly, no Heart.) Will always use an attack that matches their element, and thus can easily be countered with some attack of the opposite element. Poor, Predictable Rock...
  • Real Life Animals: Giant or otherwise, we've got dogs, birds, lizards, frogs, and much, much more.
    • Don't forget the Goddamned Bats.
    • It's not an RPG without giant rats.
    • Wolves are also every common and are commonly seen as pets used by more savage races.
  • Humans: Soldiers, ninjas, monks, witches, bandits, pirates, and so on.
  • Smash Mook: Any creature, that is big and tough, but does nothing other than try to smash the hero(es) really hard. Ogres, Trolls, and Giants usually fall into this role.
  • Golems, or similar "guy made of stone"-type enemies. Almost always have high defense, may be weak to water.
  • Demons and Devils. These range from Eldritch Abominations to angry winged red guys to succubi. These guys are usually a pain to fight.
  • Underground Monkey: Any of the above specially adapted to a certain environment. Even if it seems they shouldn't be there (we're looking at you, Fire Squid!).

See also Monster Mash.

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