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Still at loss about what to do with your life? Fret not - if you happen to find yourself in a romance/comedy/romantic comedy, you can follow this easy counselling guide for career enlightement. You do need a job, or you won't be able to afford the lifestyle that allows for luxurious abodes while spending most days solely mulling over romantic entanglements. But narrowing down the job options is very easy:

  1. Want to show your nurturing side? Become a doctor (especially if a male) or a teacher (especially if a female), to land an infinitely secure, respectable and satisfying job. Those jobs are character shorthand that tell every potential suitor that you are caring and non-threatening, adept at looking after others, i.e. good spouse/family-making material - essential qualities in Rom Com.
  2. Want to be creative? Become anything where a normal person has miniscule opportunities to make an actual living - a photographer, illustrator, writer, designer of stuff, or choose one of the more creative jobs in media. You will still be guaranteed unprecedented success, big promotions and/or rave reviews. Even if you're currently a starving artist who is still waiting for the breakthrough or just lazy, remember you're super talented and have unlimited potential! And the love of your life you've just met will thrust you in the right direction.

Cooking has enough creative elements to be applicable. As a bonus, it handily offers opportunities for romantic gestures - like creating meals in unusual locations - and hints to your special someone that you are family-ready. If you're man you should be a chef, if you're a woman try something smaller and cuter, like cupcakes. If you rather not physically create something yourself, become a hang-around to the cultured and creative: try event planning, advertising/PR, music business, doing stuff at an art gallery, or running your own artsy corner shop.

Creative jobs are useful in the Rom Com world, as they have a cool and glamorous ring to them, yet sound like there could be a decent expected income to support your prospective family. They have vague job descriptions and irregular hours which free you for the romance, and you get a chance to meet a variety of colorful characters (especially at places like art galleries and little corner shops). It doesn't hurt here that the typical writer-creator of the Rom Com world can pour in some of their insight of the creative business.

3) Want money? Become a high-flying exec of an unspecified corporate entity or a lawyer without a good cause. This is character shorthand for you being a type-A workaholic who's married to their job and a total sell-out. Therefore, be prepared to change jobs ASAP to prove your creative or nurturing side (see: options 1 and 2) to your laidback love interest, as currently you work for Evil. Remember, if you're too good and efficient at what you do, bad things will follow, like dying.

So go ahead, pursue your chosen job, opportunities are practically endless! (Restrictions may apply.)

Compare with Stock Superhero Day Jobs and Occupation Tropes. See also Most Writers Are Writers, One-Hour Work Week, Starving Artist, Love Tropes, Romantic Comedy.

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     Cooks & Chefs 


     Doctors of Medicine 

     Event Planners 

     Creative Media Jobs: Film, TV and Radio 

     Creative Media Jobs: Print 

  • Charmed: she works as an advice columnist

     Music Biz Jobs 

     Non-Media Creative Jobs 

  • Sex and the City - Carrie is a writer; Samantha is a PR person; Charlotte is something nondescript in the arts' world. As a subversion, Miranda is a lawyer, yet she doesn't have to give up her career for a man.
  • Charmed: she works as a photographer

     Shop Owners 



     The Rom Com Job Complete Set 
  • Friends - Ross is a teacher, Rachel works in fashion, Joey is an actor, Monica is a chef.
  • How I Met Your Mother - Lily is a teacher turned art hang around, Marshall is an environmental lawyer, Robin works for TV, Ted is an architect. One recurring character is a (female) pastry chef, another a (female) doctor.

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