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Living Apart
Living Apart is any bodily division.

Sub Tropes include:

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Someone whose nose is detached but still moving and breathing.

  • Happens in a Cinnamon Toast Crunch where some girl's nose pops off and runs towards the cereal.
  • The first few Puff's Tissue Stop Motion commercial has this happen where some kid's nose runs from the regular tissue.


Live Action TV

Western Animation
  • Happens in Fanboy and Chum Chum episode "Pick a Nose" where they even go as far as to switch noses.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy had an entire episode, "Wild Parts" revolving around a "nasal-mancer", or nose wizard, enchanting the noses of the city, including Billy's, into removing themselves from their owners' faces and forming a parade to the shopping mall where the nasal-mancer tries to find noses to replace the one he lost. Throughout the episode, Billy's nose is shown to have a personality of its own, slapping his owner with a steak for making an Incredibly Lame Pun after Billy decides to give half of his nose to the nasal-mancer after losing his real nose during a nose-balloon chase It Makes Sense in Context.


Not to be confused for Eye Spy this time their eyes come off and can sill see although not attached for other reasons.


Video Games

Western Animation
  • In the The Ren & Stimpy Show episode "Robin Hoek" it happens to Ren in his dream where his eyes run away from vicious monks (don't ask).
  • Happens in two SpongeBob SquarePants episodes first in the episode "The Smoking Peanut" where Spongebob's eyes fall out in fear.
    • Happens again in the episode "Pranks a Lot" only this time it's a random fish instead of Spongebob and his eyeballs can run and drive away.


A case someones mouth is detached but can still move and talk.


  • In a Unlimited calling Virgin Mobile phone ad some girl talking on the phone moves her phone to the bench with her mouth detaching from her face and following the phone and still talking on it. The video is Here.

Live Action TV
  • On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the demon "Sweet" is able to pull off his mouth, which keeps singing to Dawn in the episode "Once More, With Feeling."

Western Animation
  • Happens to Spongebob in the episode "Slimy Dancing" where Squidward removes his mouth for talking back at him.
  • In Ed, Edd n Eddy, at point in One Plus One Equals Ed, Eddy pulls Sarah's mouth off because she wouldn't stop yelling. Her disembodied mouth then bites Eddy.


The lesser variant of Mouth where the tongue detaches from the mouth but can still move despite not being attached.




This is a less noticeable but more common version of mouth where every part of the mouth except lips is detached or just simply teeth and gums are detached. Does not count if the teeth are fake or cannot be reattached. Teeth can sometimes still move and/or talk.


  • Beetlejuice has Adams teeth with gums, tongue, uvula and the rest of the mouth anatomy excluding lips detached from him in the climax of the film and can still move and talk.

Western Animation
  • Happen in the Rocko's Modern Life episode "Yarn Benders" where the Old Lady Giant removes her teeth and instead of her toothless mouth talking her teeth (which are just Gums and Teeth) move and talk instead.
    • Another episode had Rocko's tooth turn into a mutant giant due to Filbert's attempts to be a dentist.
  • Stopping at a diner in Florida while searching for his escaped gargoyle Pazuzu, Professor Farnsworth uses a remote control on his detachable teeth to help chew his food. Said teeth develops a taste for blood after biting Fry, culminating in it flying around the room biting people while Farnsworth slurps his slop through a straw obliviously.


This is all the above combined where someones face is removed from their body but the face can still, breathe, see, talk, feel and move despite not being attached to the head. While the face becomes like a living mask when not attached the bodies head becomes The Blank.


  • In Son of the Mask Dr. Arthur Neuman has his face removed from his head by Loki.
  • Barbara from Beetlejuice removes her face to scare the living folk out of their house. This portion of the trope is played in a particularly gruesome manner.

Live Action TV

Western Animnation
  • Happens to Spongebob in the episode "Squids on Strike" the second time Squidward pulls off his face by pulling him away from the window.
  • Ren's Face gets ripped off by a baboon and thrown into a tree in the episode "Travelogue" with his face reattached not long after.
  • Catdog has cat lose his face in the episode that probably never happened called "Movin' On Up".


Someone gets their ear detached from their body but they can still hear and possibly move if the can wiggle their ears.


Live Action TV
  • The Amanda Show has this happen to the character played by Drake Bell in the Barber Shop sketch where his ear gets cut off and the barber shouts in his disembodied ear and then he runs away and his ear is then put in a trash can full of ears (Implying it happened before).

Western Animation
  • Possible Subversion with Wilbur Cobb has is ear fall off in the episode "Stimpy's Cartoon" where it seems to be attached only by what appears to be bubblegum.

Upper Head

Someone who has the forehead, scalp and all the hair on it and occasionally ears detached from the rest of their head usually exposing their brain but can feel it.


Western Animation
  • In Fairly Oddparents Timmy Turner has this happen quite a few times.
  • Patrick loses this portion of his head as a plot point in the episode "Patrick SmartPants".


This is a rare case of someones neck being detached from their head and body but can still feel and move.



When a hand is seperated from the arms or the more minor fingers and/or thumbs are seperated from palms of hand. Either way the hand(s) or hand part can still move and feel under the persons control but if the hands have a mind of their then it falls under Helping Hands.


Anime & Manga
  • Migi from Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki partly qualifies, being a shapeshifting symbiote occupying and taking the form of Shinichi's hand. Beside the ability to morph itself into various weapons like its more parasitic kind, it is also able to separate from his host's body for a short time, as it did when it tried to hunt down a human who saw its true form (before Shinichi convinced it to stop).

Web Original

  • The 1999 movie Idle Hands had a teenager whose forced to cut off his right hand after it becomes possessed by an evil spirit and goes on a killing spree.
  • The second half of the 1997 dual horror anthology Quicksilver Highway had a man whose hands tried to foment a rebellion, based on Clive Barker's short story "The Body Politic".
  • The 1988 movie Waxwork had an exhibit filled with wax monsters and famous psychopaths come to life with the souls of 18 victims. After the heroes manage to escape exhibit with the wax effigies burned inside, they begin to walk home, not noticing that a hand from the Zombie display scuttling away from the rubble.
  • The Iron Giant: The titular Nigh Invulnerable giant is able to detach and reattach his mobile limbs, including his hand, which causes a bit of trouble around the house for Kid Hero Hogarth who tries to hide it from his mother.


Western Animation
  • Spongebob in the episode "Artist Unknown" detaches his hand from his body because of Squidward upsetting him by insulting his art skills.

Web Original
  • Dungeons and Dragons had "Crawling Claws", which were severed hands of various creatures animated by necromancy. When not receiving orders, they overwhelm their foes in groups.


The ability to detach arms from torso with arms still being able to move and feel under the persons control.


  • Arm-Fall-Off-Boy is pretty self explanatory.

  • In The Last Starfighter an alien gets its arm which was holding the blaster cut off which not long after continues shooting through its severed arm.

  • The entire plot of Yasunari Kawabata's novel "One Arm" revolves around the protagonist's girlfriend's detached right arm for him to spend the night with it.

Western Animation

Vertical Split

When someone splits in half vertically as opposed to horizontally (if it's horizontal, that falls under Detachable Lower Half).


  • There were three ads for Western Australian health insurance company HBF which had the tagline "Join and claim at the same time". In it, a customer, after learning about the benefits of said insurance, would split in half, with one half staying to continue talking on the phone, and the other going to, depending on the ad, the dentist, an optometrist or a physician.
  • An ad for Fontvella featured vertical halves of people.

Live Action TV
  • In the The Haunted Hathaways episode "Haunted Kids", Taylor and Frankie won't speak to each other, so Ray splits in half to avoid having to give them the same advice twice.
  • Karroll's Christmas features the Ghost of Christmas Past splitting in two to prove to someone the existence of ghosts. Unfortunately, the shock causes him to suffer a heart attack.

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