Literature / We'll Meet Again

We'll Meet Again, written by 037771, is a long running alternate timeline residing on, also home to Decades of Darkness and The Series.The idea came from the sheer amount of timelines on the website in question that have America stay in the British Empire and everything is thus rosy. Here it isn't. It's horrific.

The timeline is written as a series of extracts from historical books, internet news pages, photos and quotes. It begins with Governor Hutchinson of Massachusetts sending a letter to Benjamin Franklin...only the letter gets lost in the post, with Franklin unable to alert the Sons of Liberty to the dangers of possible British reprisals. Franklin is, by not sending the letters contents back to the Sons, still accepted by London high society and, in a series of riots, double-crossing, scares and oneupmanship, America is kept British...just. In this the timeline diverges visibly within a few years of the POD, and enormously by the turn of the 18th century. The timeline started with its POD in 1770, and has now progressed to (at the latest, given chapters are thematic) 1865. The whole thing can be read here

Not to be confused with the stock phrase We Will Meet Again.

This work contains the following tropes: