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Like this, only with a 2 on the end.

Memories are echos of the heart.

Kingdom Hearts Coded 2 is the sequel to Kingdom Hearts coded, the most popular game in the Kingdom Hearts series. Like the previous game, it follows the adventures of Data Sora, a computerized version of Sora living inside Jiminy's Journal.

Shortly after the Mark of Mastery exam in Kingdom Hearts 3D, Mickey returns to Disney Castle and finds that new worlds have mysteriously appeared in the data world. He sends Data Sora to find the truth, which involves another mysterious message telling Data Sora to find the "Four Holy Keys". As Data Sora heads out, he finds a new type of enemy called a Viral has appeared in the Datascape. As well, a mysterious cloaked figure called the "Cloak of God" has appeared to wreak havoc.

Kingdom Hearts Coded 2 allows for the collecting of Unversed, Heartless and Virals on your team, similar to how Dream Eaters fight alongside you in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Compare Kingdom Hearts 359/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts The Movie.

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