Heartwarming / YouTube Poop

  • The ending to many subscriber specials.
  • To QuibbyJibby: You expect that Gwonam will fly in and give Quibby some abuse or mock him, as he does in other videos. However, he flies in and says:
    Gwonam: I subscribed to you!
  • TomServo3's tribute to Billy Mays.
  • One More Final: I Need You(tube Poop) by Walrusguy.
  • Whelt's Luigi x Yoshi amv
  • The BP Show - Crossing the Boundaries, which involves BenderPictures and Stuart K. Reilly, two of the most polarizing figures in YTP today, joining forces to discuss two of the biggest problems in the YTP community: people getting too involved in YouTube Poops and people taking Youtube Poops way too seriously, delivering a much needed messages to it. Also notable for Stuart K. Reilly's seemingly last appearance in the world of Youtube Poop, which might qualify as a Tear Jerker to his fans.
  • The King and Gwonam's kiss in the finale of NeoNintendo's "Strive for Love" series.
    Gwonam: It is written: only a kiss can return the Triforce to harmony. Only then the Triforce can defeat evil once again.
  • Billy Mays Promotes Thanksgiving.
  • The ending of this poop.
  • A scene from The LOL King, when Simba says that "the great kings of the past are up there watching over us", while an image of Billy Mays appears in the sky.
  • While Poopers tend to sentence-mix his videos to make him say very lewd and weird things, you can't deny that they are very nice and actually care for the real Michael Rosen, to the point that they've produced four collabs since 2012 in which they wish him a happy birthday in their own Poopy way. The latest, for his 69th birthday, ran at over three hours.
  • The YTP entitled "Michael Rosen Hates Every Last One of Us", can come across as this to certain people. The video starts out with Michael complaining about how Poops have ruined his name and how he can't even look up his own poems without seeing Poops everywhere, which eventually builds up to a NEW Rosen pushing aside the old one and giving this speech:
    Michael: Yes, yes yes yes, we're all glad you hate fun, but for my money, YouTube Poops are wonderful. Let's think about creativity, expressiveness, children finding a voice! Pleasure! Stimulation! Feeling! Curiosity! Wonder, and diddling my penis! As we know, these might be about the deepest, most complex emotions! Sometimes something quite abstract and philosophical, sometimes something quite silly and absurd! YouTube Poops are absolutely f*cking magic, and I hope that we can have a national, or even international dialogue about great poops and great poopers in our schools! Now, here's some I suggest. (The video ends, revealing the recommendations list, which will primarily consist of Rosen Poops.)
  • The ending to MoBrosStudios' Skellington's Revenge.
  • In the third part of the Admiral Ackbar's Traptastic Sextravaganza series, around the 8:50 mark, EmperorLemon gives a kind shout-out to Barney Is Perverted, who featured one of his videos in the past. Also, the speech at the end of the video. It doesn't go out of it's way to be inspirational or heartwarming, but it DOES manage to send the message that YTP is not about pleasing people, but about having fun while making it.