Heartwarming / Shantae

  • At the end of the first game, Shantae is offered a place as a full genie, but would have to leave her human friends behind. She refuses, sticking by her friends instead.
  • At the end of Risky's Revenge, Scuttle Town's mayor is the first to accept Shantae as Scuttle Town's Guardian Human. Even if she needs help from her friends, she will always have a place in Scuttle Town.
  • In Pirate's Curse there's a sidequest dedicated to helping Rottytops and Shantae and Rotty's afterlife-bound human soul all become True Companions. Even Rotty's gruff brother Abner takes a liking to Shantae just from how much happier Rotty is.
    • The first time Abner and Shantae meet in Risky's Revenge, Abner's very dismissive and rude, and Shantae doesn't trust him in the slightest. Then the aforementioned quest in Pirate's Curse happens, and by Half-Genie Hero, they have a much more sibling-like relationship. It's very sweet to see.
  • In the True Ending for Pirate's Curse, the Big Bad threatens to kill Risky Boots unless Shantae hands over the dark magic that she's been collecting for most of the game. Considering all the trouble that Risky's caused for her in the past, Shantae would have every reason to leave her arch-nemesis to her fate. But when the player has the chance to decide, both options indicate that she's going to hand it over anyway.
    • On a related note, when the Sadistic Choice is presented, Risky Boots urges Shantae not to go through with it, never mind that it's her own life on the line.
  • And in the end, after the Big Bad is vanquished, it's implied that Risky has developed a healthy respect for Shantae, as opposed to her former outright hatred.
    • There's this gem, something that Shantae would have never known herself: 'Your mother...you're just like her. Only shorter. And more annoying."
  • The credits for Pirate's Curse are pretty sweet, as various slides are shown of the events after the end, such as:
    • The petrified couple on Saliva Island being alive again and hanging out with Squid Baron and his children.
    • human!Rottytops, the manly shade and Wobble Bell having captured Hexer.
    • The red, blue and green creatures from the Village of Lost Souls gambling in Scuttle Town.
    • Shantae, Rottytops, the two girls from Ammo Baron's army and various other characters lounging in a bath house and having fun. And Barracuda Joe appears to have gotten hitched with the Tan Line Island princess!
  • After the second boss fight in Half-Genie Hero, the otherwise only-seen-so-far-as-100%-pissed-off Giga Mermaid is reunited with her fellow, smaller mermaids. She doesn't say anything, but graces everyone present with a beautiful warm smile.
  • In Half-Genie Hero, Shantae's magic gets corrupted by dark magic and turns evil. She's saved of this fate by Sky, Rotty and Bolo who appeal to her human side's honesty, compassion and courage. Because friendship is the biggest magic of all!
    • Becomes even more heartwarming after playing through Friends To The End - Bolo, Sky and Rottytops go through a lot to bring her back.
  • Over the course of Half-Genie Hero, nearly every time Shantae starts getting down on herself, Uncle Mimic or her friends are quick to remind her of all the good she's been doing throughout the game.
  • During the Cape Crustacean level of Friends To The End, we see Memory!Rottytops...as her human self! The trio realize that this means Shantae doesn't see Rotty as a zombie, but as a normal girl who wants friends.