Tear Jerker / Shantae

  • Asking around the Zombie Caravan in the original Shantae reveals that none of the other Zombies like or even trust Rottytops and her brothers. Knowing that, is it any wonder that she gets attached to Shantae so quickly?
  • At the end of Risky's Revenge, Rottytops and her brothers kidnap Shantae's uncle, Mimic and deliver him to Risky Boots in exchange for a supply of coffee and in Rotty's case, Shantae's brains. When Risky Boots backs out on the deal, her siblings take it without problem but a heartbroken Rottytops falls to her knees realizing she just betrayed her own friend for nothing. She runs off crying from the place just when Shantae witnessed what she did.
  • In Pirate's Curse, you learn from her dead human soul in the afterlife that Rottytops really wants to be Shantae's friend, but feels she keeps screwing up.
  • At the end of Pirate's Curse, the Pirate Master asks Shantae which of the Genies was her mother. Unfortunately, the Pirate Master is the very reason why she does not know her mother.
  • Shantae's self-esteem seems to be sinking lower and lower with each passing game. You just want to give her a hug.