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Funny: Shantae
  • In the first game, Shantae needs to get help from her friends and other NPCs to unlock the dungeons. The methods they choose to do so can be pretty silly:
    • For the Water Dungeon, Bolo flings his weapon which bounces around everywhere before hitting the eye above the door.
    • For the Earth Dungeon, Sky's bird Wrench literally acts as a wrench, screwing in two gems along the wall to unlock the door.
    • For the Zombie Dungeon, Rottytops detaches her leg and uses it as a makeshift lockpick.
    • And finally for the Ice Dungeon, the Bandit Town Genie just smacks the gate with her hip, which unlocks it.
  • The amount of crap getting past the radar in this series.
    • In the first battle against Risky Boots in the first game, Risky sends her Tinkerbats after Shantae and says "Spank this one extra hard for mommy!".
      • "Gotta haul booty!"
    • In the second game, a child NPC in Scuttle Town will tell Shantae "Mom dressed up as the scary pirate lady for my dad. But I'm not allowed to speak of such things".
    • A literal example where Uncle Mimic talks about the contents of his unusually large bowels, of which he emptied the contents onto a Pressure Plate in order to take the treasure that was originally there. After he finishes his story, there's much awed murmuring in the crowd.
    Crowd: Ooooooh...MURMUR...incredible man...huge bowels...such bravery!
    • Shantae thanking Barracuda Joe for his generosity in Risky's Revenge.
      Shantae: Thanks Barracuda Joe! You're a lifesaver! (Kiss!)
      Barracuda Joe: Don't say "kiss" to me unless you're actually givin' me a kiss. Otherwise it's just words. Okay?
      Shantae: Ok. (Kiss!)
      Barracuda Joe: Ok, yer doing it again. Get going.
    • The Cackle Mound in the first game in had a set of puzzles where you must knock eyes into a robot to make it open its mouth to drop a key. One of the later robots doesn't immediately drop a key, as you need to redirect where it's staring until it's looking at a specific thing. What will make it drop the key from its mouth? The statue of a half-naked girl.
  • Meta: This let's play video. The player goes from initially dismissing Risky as a pathetic easy boss, to being genuinely worried and finally falling in love with her:
    Isocitration: Your hair is so beautiful. It is making me disturbed.
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