Fridge / Shantae

Fridge Brilliance

  • In Risky's Revenge, after beating the first dungeon, Rottytops will tell you that "Your curiosity can really pay off" if you talk to her. Now, what transformation power did Shantae acquire in the first dungeon? That's right, the monkey transformation! The game's telling you to be curious as a monkey. Also counts as a Stealth Pun.

  • In Pirate's Curse after giving Bolo the X-ray specs to help him with his nearsightedness, he offers to examine a fossil for you. Hilariously he's able to not only find out what it's a fossil of, but expertly clean and refurbish it. At first, this seems out of character for Bolo, seeing as his two engineering attempts in the game wind up constructed backwards, upside down, and inside out. However, you then realize that that's exactly what Bolo did with the fossil! He took the fossil, rotated it a bit, and made it so that it's contents were outside the stone!

  • How does Shantae end up foiling Risky's plan in the original game? By going inside her Tinkertank, transforming into a monkey, and destroying its inner workings. She threw a monkey wrench in the works.

  • In Pirate's Curse, when you get to the Propeller Town level where you find Bolo helping make the guidance chip for Ammo Baron's cannon, you can hear the melody of Bolo's theme in the music, foreshadowing the appearance of Bolo.

  • In Pirate's Curse, the way you defeat the Pirate King is over one thing that was made clear from the very beginning... The stolen magic you're retrieving from the Tinkerbats... is Shantae's stolen magic from Risky's Revenge

  • In Half-Genie Hero, Rottytops and her Brothers teach Hypno Baron how to summon a Eldritch Abomination in exchange for some coffee. While this seems wildly irresponsible at first, when you later find out the Eldritch Abomination is Squid Baron it starts making sense. The trade was far more reasonable than initially apparent.

  • In Half-Genie Hero, Holly is another half-genie who comes to town to replace Shantae, who's just been fired (again). But then it turns out she's actually a Ghost Memory. How's that possible? Well, half-genie powers are different from person to person and Holly's really a half genie according to her pointy ears, so maybe her genie power is to prolong her existence and/or power as long as she's remembered.

  • In the fight against him in "Risky's Revenge, the Hypno Baron transforms into A palette swap of Shantae's uncle. A mimic, if you will.

Fridge Horror

  • In Risky's Revenge you can kill Wobble Bell to make him drop 100 gems. Unlike everything else, he doesn't respawn if you do this... In Pirate's Curse, the credits show Wobble Bell in the Village of Lost Souls, part of the afterlife.

  • In Pirate's Curse you learn that Risky's skull-themed clothing is in fact the Pirate Master's face. This makes it hilarious (and kinda disturbing) when you realize that the skull isn't glued to her clothes, implying that every time she gets dressed she presses her boobs through her old master's eye sockets!

  • In Pirate's Curse, Shantae meets two teenaged girls on spring break. Shantae sees them again in the fifth chapter and between their appearances they were recruited as child soldiers by a local warlord.

  • In Half-Genie Hero, Holly reveals that she's a memory of an influential idol who lived in Tassel Town hundreds of years ago. However, because a sandstorm doomed the village to a slow death, she died out and only persisted by becoming a memory specter. She then fixated her existence by bonding with her pet worm Wilbur, to whom she feeds the memories of anyone foolish enough to catch her attention, with Scuttle Town as her latest target. Anyone care to count how many other pockets of civilization she went through to prolong her existence?

  • One might think that Risky Boots lost some essential Character Development in-between Pirate's Curse and Half-Genie Hero, as her schemes in the latter are purely For the Evulz in contrast to the former's Hope Spot ending that she might do a Heel–Face Turn in the future. However, if you've played through Pirate's Curse and paid attention to the story, Risky mentions that the artifacts that you retrieved for her may have been cursed by the Pirate Master, all of which are returned to Risky at the end of the game. With that said, it is VERY likely that Risky's actions are due to being corrupted by her pirate equipment.
    • The curse is explicitly stated to be broken in the Golden Ending of Pirate's Curse. Given that her skin is the same pale purple as the Genies that she corrupts at the end of Half-Genie Hero, as well as Nega-Shantae, it's entirely possible that she's been too far gone from the start.
    • In Pirate Queen's Quest Hypno Baron confirms that Risky's possessed by dark magic.