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Risky Boots is actually Shantae's mother.
Could explain why there's an obvious connection between the two.
  • Genies are Always Female in this 'verse, though, and Risky's not a genie. Since Shantae is half-genie, it would have to be her father who was mortal.
  • Alternatively, since they both have purple hair, she could be her sister.
    • Maybe she is her half-sister and resents Shantae for getting magical powers while she was born without them.

The third Shantae game will have multiple playable characters.
  • Given that Shantae loses several useful powers in the final battle of Risky's Revenge, and given all her talk in the game about teamwork and relying on one's friends, it's possible (likely? I don't know) that the next game will feature the supporting cast in a much more active role. Considering some of the useful abilities they have (Bolo's weaponry, Sky's trained hawk, Mimic's scientific and mechanical knowhow, and... whatever Rotty brings to the table), it would make sense — in the event that she doesn't regain her transformations — for Shantae to be able to do more than ask them for advice. Now the question is whether WayForward would rather go the The Lost Vikings route or the Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse route on this... Personally, I think they could handle a Teamwork Puzzle Game quite easily.
    • Jossed. Way Forward confirmed Shantae is still the sole protagonist in Pirate's curse. However, multiple protagonists are being offered as stretch goals for Half-Genie Hero.

Rotty Tops and her brothers will have heel face turns in the third game.
Given that they were all fairly upset about being betrayed by Risky Boots, and Rotty Tops in particular, it seems likely. In particular, as above, Rotty would likely be a main character, and her brothers would likely be support.
  • Confirmed

Risky Boots and the Tinkerbats set up a blockade on the nearest source of coffee.
It would certainly explain why there's exactly one source of coffee beans in the entirety of Risky's Revenge, and it's a long-abandoned storage area. The purpose is, naturally, to more easily manipulate the intelligent zombies, seeing as coffee is the only thing keeping them that way.
  • She is still hoarding it to manipulate Rotty and her siblings in the future.

The third game will revolve at least partially around Shantae's quest to find out more about her past.
Fairly straightforward, given the ending of Risky's Revenge.
  • Semi-confirmed. Through out her quest in Pirate's Curse there are things and people are hinted at that connects to her past that appear.

Nintendo will create a full console Shantae game rather than just a small download one.
And if it does well, they'll turn it into a big franchise.
  • Semi-Confirmed. Way Forward are currently kickstarting a Shantae game for Wii U, PS3, PS4, 360, XB 1, and Steam.

In Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, the belly dances will still be available.
You get them back slowly as you earn more shards, but the earlier ones you get will be weak transformations and can't do much.
  • Or Risky will steal all of the Pirate Gear from Shantae and Shantae will have to use just her natural abilities to beat her!
    • Jossed

In the third game, Shantae will split her magic with her friends.
Part of the whole "friendship" thing. They will all gain magical powers.
  • Jossed

The next game, Half-Genie Hero, will feature Shantae going into the Genie World.
The Genie World has been mentioned but never really explored, and multiple times Shantae has expressed a desire to learn more about her genie heritage.

Shantae still had a little magic left in her at the end of Risky's Revenge.
As evidence by her retaining her hair-whipping ability. Uncle Mimic was wrong about the hair whipping not being a genie power.

Shantae takes place After the End
The Lost Technology Uncle Mimic finds all sounds like stuff we have now. Something must have happened that destroy the world and brought back monsters.

In Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, the final battle after taking down the Pirate Master will be against Risky Boots again.
She will backstab Shantae the moment she doesn't need her any longer and steal the magical powers for herself. This will result in a reverse of their first final battle and Shantae has to use her new pirate skills to regain her magic for good.

For added irony Risky could go through multiple phases and in the last one she transforms into a spider, the one transformation she was weak against in the first game.

  • Jossed