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Risky Boots is actually Shantae's mother.
Could explain why there's an obvious connection between the two.
  • Genies are Always Female in this 'verse, though, and Risky's not a genie. Since Shantae is half-genie, it would have to be her father who was mortal.
    • Risky's not a Genie now. In fact, we don't really know what she is, and was most likely transformed by the Pirate Master when she joined his service(or in order to serve him)
  • Risky also has extremely long purple hair, convincingly disguised herself as a genie in the first game, and has a very similar colour scheme as Nega-Shantae. And although she was old enough to be the Pirate Master's lieutenant before Shantae was born, she doesn't seem to have aged much, so she may not be human. On top of that, she more than once refers to herself as Mommy jokingly, which fits Matt Bozon's sense of humour.
  • Jossed. According to the end of Half-Genie Hero, Shantae's mother is still in the Genie Realm.

Risky Boots and Shantae are half-sisters.
They share their father. With the age gap, it explains Risky knowing Shantae's mother. It also might add an extra reason for her to resent Shantae after initially meeting her, as well as for her eventual friendliness after working together. Also, they both have purple hair.
  • I can get behind this. My half-sister is about twenty years older than me (I'm guessing Risky's probably ten to fifteen older than Shantae, depending on when the events that left her an orphan occurred), so it's entirely possible that the reason Shantae's dad isn't around (and isn't mentioned) is because he was rather old when helping to make Shantae...

Risky Boots is Shantae's aunt.
On her father's side, of course.

Risky Boots and the Tinkerbats set up a blockade on the nearest source of coffee.
It would certainly explain why there's exactly one source of coffee beans in the entirety of Risky's Revenge, and it's a long-abandoned storage area. The purpose is, naturally, to more easily manipulate the intelligent zombies, seeing as coffee is the only thing keeping them that way.
  • She is still hoarding it to manipulate Rotty and her siblings in the future.

Nintendo will create a full console Shantae game rather than just a small download one.
And if it does well, they'll turn it into a big franchise.
  • Semi-Confirmed. Way Forward are currently kickstarting a Shantae game for Wii U, PS3, PS4, 360, XB1, and Steam.

The next game, Half-Genie Hero, will feature Shantae going into the Genie World.
The Genie World has been mentioned but never really explored, and multiple times Shantae has expressed a desire to learn more about her genie heritage.
  • Semi-Confirmed. Half-Genie Hero features several appearances of The Genie World. However they're all quick peeks, seen during a boss battle, and last only for one screen.

Shantae still had a little magic left in her at the end of Risky's Revenge.
As evidence by her retaining her hair-whipping ability. Uncle Mimic was wrong about the hair whipping not being a genie power.
  • Alternatively It's Magic She got from her father who was an Oni (Japanese Demon) making her full Oni in Pirates Curse and why she could use the Pirate Master's gear as her native Oni magic kept her safe.

Shantae takes place After the End
The Lost Technology Uncle Mimic finds all sounds like stuff we have now. Something must have happened that destroy the world and brought back monsters.

The shadowy brawny man in the Village of Souls is actually Shantae's dad
  • He states he is looking for his daughter but doesn't know how she looks like. Since people at the village don't fully remember their pasts...
    • It's worth noting that his memories seem to return a bit when he meets Shantae, just like Rottytops remembers a bit more about herself when she gets her locket back.

The mysterious light guiding Shantae in Half-Genie Hero is the spirit of her mother.
  • Her mother comes up more often in this game than any other. Their familial bond would likely also help her reach out to her daughter from the Genie Realm in order to inform her of the danger and kick-start the plot.
  • The mysterious light is also quick to reassure Shantae that her mother is alive and well in the Genie Realm and loves her very much, tells Shantae how proud they are of her selflessness, and that her family is "not as far away as (she) thinks."

Shantae is the reason Risky Boots gets so much character development in The Pirate's Curse.
  • Risky has Shantae collect all the stray Dark Magic in her lamp and figures that her positive influence will change it back into Light Magic. Risky's the same ghoulish purple as the Genies she corrupts using the Dynamo, as well as Nega-Shantae, and is likely corrupted by dark magic herself. What's to say that Shantae's influence wasn't working its way through the magic corrupting Risky? They're traveling together for nearly the entire game, after all.
    • If this is true, then Shantae's lack of presence could be a key factor in why Risky snaps back to scheming so quickly for Half-Genie Hero - there's nothing actively fighting her corruption anymore.

Shantae is still riding off the magical high from the end of The Pirate's Curse, and that's why Half-Genie Hero feels so easy.
  • She's just gotten her magic back in a glorious surge and taken down the Pirate Master - a.k.a. the Biggest, Baddest Pirate that Sequin Land has ever known - practically on her own. Of course anything after that is gonna feel like a cakewalk!