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Headscratchers: The Addams Family
  • It's obvious with the other members of the family what sort of unworldly "monster" they are meant to be - vampire, werewolf-thing, mad scientist, witch, evil unearthly child, et c. But Gomez. I've never been able to work him out. Whose culture and folklore is he a monster to, and what sort of monster? He just looks generically creepy but not in a way that evoked any particular trope. Is his being a lawyer enough on its own?
  • So on America's Most Disgusting Unsolved Crimes early in Addams Family Values, Captain Oveur says that the Black Widow targets wealthy men, seduces them, marries them, and then kills them on the wedding night for the insurance/inheritance. But then later during her slideshow Debbie makes it pretty clear that she marries for love (or whatever) and stays with it for a couple years before killing her husband when he really pisses her off.
    • The bigger question is, why does Debbie even bother killing her husbands anyway? She obviously could live the luxurious life she wants if they stay alive like she did with Fester.
    • It's possible after the times she got pissed off and killed her husband, Debbie decided "okay, no one seems to really love me so I'll just marry guys and kill them to take their money." Or something like that. Remember she did try to kill Fester on their wedding night. The ones on the slideshow were the ones she really cared about when she married them.
      • She also killed her parents before that. I think the idea is that nobody can live up to her insane demands, so after repeated disappointment she just starts killing them off to begin with.
      • Everything Debbie is saying during her slide shows are all from her point of view. She's just milking sympathy from the Addams to make herself look good.
  • The idea in Addams Family Values is that Fester is desperate for a girlfriend, leading him to settle for Debbie. Yet in the first movie, didn't Gomez say in the past he was jealous of Fester's great love life? Remember, Fester was dating the twins Flora and Fauna Amore, and Gomez stole them away? Then suddenly Fester can't get anyone else because...why? This is a family that managed to marry off Cousin Itt, after all.
    • Don't know what you're talking about. Cousin Itt is a catch.
    • Possibly, after having been away so long, all his former cousins/girlfriends are married by now.
    • Fester lost his skill with women as he got older, perhaps?
    • Fester was also gone for 25 years, during which time he had amnesia and was living as "Gordon". He got his memories back at the end of the first film, but note that both Gordon and Fester have Man Child tendencies; it's possible that due to his unique situation, he never really "matured". Gomez has become a rather suave and capable adult; Fester basically stayed mentally as an adolescent, and isn't as capable of handling an adult relationship.
    • Note that Fester identifies himself as a virgin in "Values". Perhaps Gomez's memories of Fester's success with women aren't quite in sync with reality.
      • Gomez and reality are, at best, passing acquaintances anyhow.
      • Gomez isn't really on speaking terms with common sense either. Come to think of it, only Morticia and Lurch seem to consistently use it.
      • Maybe, young as he was, his success with women didn't lead to sex?
  • One thing that seems baffling is the relation that the widely-contested Addams Family Reunion has with The New Addams Family. One, how did The New Addams Family get picked up for a series? It is true that Addams Family Reunion was the pilot for The New Addams Family, but it was a major flop. Where there just enough people who actually liked it that The New Addams Family became a full-fledged series? The other confusing matter is that if Addams Family Reunion failed, how come The New Addams Family gets a lot of praise, and without the classic Vic Mizzy theme?
    • In truth, whether or not people liked Reunion wasn't what mattered. The point the producers were trying to get across was that the big-budgeted look of the Paramount movies could reproduced for the small screen. Reunion... did that, I guess, to a sufficient enough extent for the go-ahead on The New Addams Family to be given. As far as the difference in reception goes, The New Addams Family simply tried to be more like the original 1960s series, which did — and still does — get a fair bit of praise. Reunion, however, just suffered from bad writing, horrible jokes, and an overall misguided attempt to combine the madcap, cheesy '60s-type humor of the original series with the more sophisticated, laid-back tone of the Paramount movies.
  • At the end of Family Values, whose hand was it that popped out of Debbie's grave, and what happened to the nerdy kid afterwards?
    • It's Thing.
      • You sure about that? I clearly saw an arm, not just a hand.
      • It was thing and his cousin, Another.
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