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Fridge: The Addams Family

Fridge Logic

  • In the first movie, Abigail and "Gordon" are supposed to be master con artists, the latter shown extremely competent at any number of illegal activities. But neither of them thought to put paint on their palms to mark the rungs they were grabbing so that they could eliminate them and eventually find the right one?
    • Though "Gordon" enjoyed the ride.
  • The way that "Gordon" took to dancing the Mamushka should have been a tip-off that he was Fester. After all, Gomez said that only the Addamses knew the dance.
    • I think it was a deliberate hint that "Gordon" really was Fester.
  • This troper always thought that Thing was some creature that you only saw the hand of, not just a hand.
  • Towards the end of the second movie Debby is electrocuted and turned to dust. Why does her hand pop out of the grave at the end?
    • This troper is pretty sure the hand was Thing.
      • No, the arm was too long.
  • Why are the Addamses so sympathetic to Debbie's It's All About Me Motive Rant? She claims that her Start of Darkness was because she feels unloved (which in her case is mainly a delusion). In the huge and warm Addams clan, nobody ever feels unloved.
    • Just because a person had a better life doesn't mean they are incapable of feeling sympathy for the less fortunate. Also, it is occasionally implied that the Addamses are as naive as they are weird.
    • This troper always assumed it was precisely because nobody in the Addams clan is unloved. That's the one "negative" thing they consider truly negative.
  • In the second movie, Gomez tells Debbie that they 'of course they have cable'. This is because after being evicted from their house in the first movie, Gomez became addicted to daytime television shows.
    • It could be to get horror films and watch documentaries on serial killers. Just because they have cable doesn't mean they watch daytime television.

Fridge Brilliance

  • The reason the Addams act the way they do and seem to kill people with no guilt? The Addams as a whole all have Nigh-Invulnerability and other powers and assume that others do too.
  • Wednesday's blunt answer to the kid using the Delivery Stork tale: As the eldest, Wednesday has had a front-row seat to parents that cannot keep their hands off one another. She's probably glad she only has two brothers. Plus, Morticia and Gomez don't excessively shelter or fib to the kids, so they probably told Wednesday the blunt truth (albeit, with more tact) when Pugsley came into the picture.
  • In Addams Family Values, Pubert is born with a mustache like his father Gomez. An episode of the original television show had Gomez mention that he was born with his mustache. Remembering this helps make better sense of this if a mustache is intended to be a proud trait of the Addams Family.
  • Wednesday acts rather cold to Joel at the end of Addams Family Values. Perhaps it was making up for her rather emotional response to him before she left Chippewa? Someone like her might be a little ashamed of her minor Out-of-Character Moment.
    • I just figured that was her way of showing emotion (she's an Addams, after all).
  • There are several hints that "Gordon" really was Fester all along: Granny was able to sense his presence at dinner, he showed the children how to gut with a sword, and how well he danced the Mamushka.
  • Early in the first film, Morticia tells Margaret that the world needs more widows and orphans. By the end of the film, Margaret is a widow herself.
  • In Addams Family Values, Debbie has given Fester the present of a bomb. He guesses it as soon as he listens to it, and she gives a flat "What?", not realizing that, as an Addams, he'd actually WANT to get a bomb as a present!

Fridge Horror

  • 1977's Halloween With The New Addams Family introduced two new children, Wednesday Jr. and Pugsley Jr., who were never heard from again afterwards. Seen in the light of the Addams traditions from the second movie (i.e. when a new baby enters the household, one of the children has to die) - well, that's a nasty possibility, isn't it?
    • According to The New Addams Family, Pugsley ate one of the kids...
  • The children in the hospital are probably traumatized for life after hearing Wednesday's parents "had sex".
    • How is telling a child that two adults had sex horrifying? It's not like they pulled out some porn magazines. Then again, different people have different views on this.
      • Hell, given all that 'diamond patch stork' crap the kid was spewing, I doubt they even knew what sex was.
  • Just how much violence and property damage was involved in that summer camp uprising? Did Amanda get burned alive? Perhaps Wednesday and even the other Addams do not realize others are not as difficult to kill as they themselves are.
    • What did Pugsley do in order to be given probation?
    • Amanda survived unharmed - at least in body; after nearly being burned alive, who knows what her mental state is right now? Anyway, she's shown in a plane with her parents when Baby Pubert is propelled into the atmosphere.
    • Did the outcasts really eat the camp counselors?
      • Pugsley and Wednesday probably did. After all, it's their's family motto...
  • A running gag, is the Addams Family scaring of people not knowing their ways frighten them, however if you think too hard, some of the ways could really hurt or possibly kill the "normal" people.
  • Is Cousin Itt naked under all that hair?
    • Are you naked under all those clothes?
    • Its been implied several times that It IS the hair.
    • Well, we do know that Itt at least wears gloves.

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