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Headscratchers: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • In The Ugly Truth Greg said that most of the chaperones at the lock in were parents, so how could only Greg and Rowley be the last people there? shouldn't have there been some more kids if their parents were the chaperones?
    • Their parents probably took them home before things went awry.
  • In The Ugly Truth why did the peachy breeze company shoot the commercial over and over again in the years instead of useing the first commercial in the years?
    • The adults are... y'know, idiots.
  • So in Cabin Fever, how on earth did Manny turn off the power at the circuit breaker at his young age and in a flooded asement? How did Greg's mom NOT notice that the power was on in Manny's room - didn't she ever check on her youngest child all night?
    • The part where Manny turns off the power would be unlikely but could happen. He just needed to see an adult do it first. Susan not going into his room to say goodnight is a little harder ot buy. Maybe he told her not to come into his room? And she thought he was wrapping presents or something?
    • For the Susan not checking, don't forget her glasses had been broken by Manny. She probably just called to him, seeing as she couldn't see.
  • How can Roderick call himself a rocker and not know how to spell "door", as in "The Doors"!
    • Rodrick is a metal fan, and doesn't seem to be the type to concern himself with other genres of rock.
    • Kids these days....
  • When Greg went to the school lock-in, why did it take until 3 a.m. for the parents to get worried enough about their kids not answering their mobiles?
    • They probably assumed the kids were too busy to answer their phones which is why they took a while...but why they suddenly started getting worried because the kids wouldn't answer at a time when they SHOULD be asleep is still beyond me.
      • Lock ins are basically like sleep overs. You aren't really expected to sleep much.
  • In The Third Wheel, why didn't Greg's parents get him vaccinated for Chicken Pox, let alone all the other parents of the kids who got it? DOAWK obviously takes place in the modern era, and the vaccine is supposed to be routine already. Greg's parents should have been sued.
    • If DOAWK takes place in the modern era, then they probably didn't for fear Greg would become autistic. If anything, I'm surprised Greg and others went through Preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school without getting Chicken Pox.
      • Many people go their whole life without getting chicken pox, especially since most people around them are immune.
      • By the way, no vaccines cause autism. That's total bunk. And the chicken pox one is still reasonably new, as it's only been around since 1995 compared to other vaccines (this troper got chicken pox because the vaccine became available in her country the year AFTER she got chicken pox). Most people are immune because they've either had it or have gotten the vaccine. That's how herd immunity works. Most people don't get it, and the people who can't get the vaccine, like people with weakened immune systems, babies, and the elderly aren't exposed. And exposure to chicken pox can cause shingles. So. But they shouldn't have been sued. Choosing not to vaccinate is a personal choice, and obviously is a trend in his area if that many kids got it.
      • Given how stupid the adults are, you'd think they probably would believe that vaccines cause autism.
      • Besides, autism is something you're born with, not something you can catch.
      • Around the time Greg was young, it would have been during that paranoia where people a) didn't know Autism was something you were born with and b) read the Insane Troll Logic that said Vaccines caused autism. Given how stupid the adults are as someone else mentioned, that's probably why Greg wasn't vaccinated - they probably believed it.
    • Greg himself lampshaded this in the book, saying that he didn't know you could GET chicken pox anymore, if that makes you feel better.
  • The film version of Dog Days. If the country club doesn't employ minors, how come Holly gets to work as a tennis instructor?
    • It was probably a volunteer thing. Or she knew their families, so even if she was being paid, she was being paid by the families and just using the courts there.
    • Her parents are rich.
  • In Rodrick Rules (the book) it says that Greg's dad types Rodrick's school reports for him since Rodrick doesn't know how to type. How can he not know how to type? What's there not to know? Press the M button to write the letter M and so on.
    • This is Rodrick we're talking about. He probably knows how to type at least basically, but acts like he doesn't so that his dad will do it for him.
    • He might just type very slowly and his parents decided it's be easier if someone else did it.
  • Why doesn't Greg just keep his bedroom door shut so the dog can't get to his bed?
    • It is possible that the door doesn't lock.
  • Greg's claim that the longest Rodrick has slept is 36 hours seems very implausible. Lets check some facts: Considering how much their Dad despises laziness from his sons, it doesn't seem likely that Frank would let Rodrick sleep that long and would wake him up around hour 13 at the most. Then it's shown Rodrick asking where Monday Night Football is after he wakes up, so we can assume he sleeps from a Sunday night all the way until Tuesday morning. Since he's wondering where Monday Night Football is, this clearly happened in Fall, hence school is in session. Did Susan and Frank actually let Rodrick miss school just so he could sleep? If they tried to wake him up to no avail, shouldn't they think something was wrong with him and they would call someone? Unless of course this was a Holiday Weekend like Columbus Day. Which brings me to my final and most important point: What kind of asshole parents don't immediately tell their son that he slept through an entire day of his life?????? What if he never noticed??? Would they ever have told him??? Ugh.
    • For the last one, it'd be rather hard for him not to notice at some point. If there was nothing else to alert him to it through the week, he'd at least realize it when the weekend comes and he still thinks it's a school day.
    • You're forgetting who these parents are.
    • Some schools give a four-day weekend over fall, either Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday is off. It could have been during a fall recess - Greg doesn't state specifically when this happened, only that it was "last fall", so this could have been a "Fall recess". Not only that, but it's likely that, since Greg is an Unreliable Narrator, he left a few things out - As the person above said, you have to remember just who these parents are, but it's possible their dad didn't throw Rodrick out of bed because Rodrick was sick, and they didn't tell Greg or Manny. (What reason do they have to want to do ANYTHING with Rodrick anyway?)
  • In book 6, Manny changes Greg's Net Kritterz password so he can't get into his account. Shouldn't the site have a password recovery system?
    • like all sites such as these, yes there is a password recovery system - however remember that Greg is an Unreliable Narrator - he probably doesn't state it because he doesn't know that it has a Password Recovery system. Alternatively, it might require an email address from his parents - meaning he'll have to ask them.
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