Awesome / Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  • In the first film, Patty gets angry at Greg during a school play and basically throws a temper tantrum. Greg gets annoyed and thows an apple at her. Just so you know, the play was of Wizard of Oz, with Patty as Dorthy and Greg as a tree and the apple wasn't seen as awesome in Greg's mothers eyes.
    • Also doubles as heartwarming: after the play, Greg goes out to see his family, and they just walk away disappointed ...except Frank. Frank looks down at Greg, and then...
    Frank: I thought she deserved it.
  • In the first movie, Rowley tries to invoke this trope by restraining Rodrick from attacking Greg, thought it doesn't really work.
    • Greg singing and nailing "Total Eclipse of the Heart", after a montage of kids who had failed to do so.
  • Another one from the movie, on Halloween, Greg and Rowley manage to intimidate the teenage bullies with a weedwhacker.
  • Pretty much the whole Exploded Diaper scene in the second movie. Although In-Universe, everyone was cheering for Mrs. Heffley dancing in the background. Also during that scene Rodrick gets back at Bill for being a jerk to him by kicking him out of the band.
  • Fregley gets one with that scary story he told in the third movie.
  • "SHUT UP STAN!!"
  • Greg's elaborate prank to get back at Stan in the third movie.
    I'll show him what a Heffley is made of.
  • Greg showing Character Development by scolding a bunch of bratty kids for causing a ruckus in the Long Haul, and being Genre Savvy enough to tell his parents wouldn't take his side over their's when it backfires on him and keeping his mouth shut about the encounter.