Awesome: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  • In the first book, Patty gets angry at Greg during a school play and basically throws a temper tantrum. Greg gets annoyed and thows an apple at her. Just so you know, the play was of Wizard of Oz, with Patty as Dorthy and Greg as a tree and the apple wasn't seen as awesome in Greg's mothers eyes.
    • Also doubles as heartwarming: after the play, Greg goes out to see his family, and they just walk away disappointed ...except Frank. Frank looks down at Greg, and then...
    Frank: I thought she deserved it.
  • In the first movie, Rowley tries to invoke this trope by restraining Rodrick from attacking Greg, thought it doesn't really work.
    • Greg singing and nailing "Total Eclipse of the Heart", after a montage of kids who had failed to do so.
  • Another one from the movie, on Halloween, Greg and Rowley manage to intimidate the teenage bullies with a weedwhacker.
  • Pretty much the whole Exploded Diaper scene in the second movie. Although In-Universe, everyone was cheering for Mrs. Heffley dancing in the background. Also during that scene Rodrick gets back at Bill for being a jerk to him by kicking him out of the band.
  • Fregley gets one with that scary story he told in the third movie.
  • "SHUT UP STAN!!"
  • Greg's elaborate prank to get back at Stan in the third movie.
    I'll show him what a Heffley is made of.