Funny / Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The books:

  • Greg's dad used to say "If you get up again, you'll probably run into Shel Silverstein in the hallway" to scare him into staying in bed.
    • And he's still scared of that today!
  • The wasp incident in The Last Straw. Leon Ricket (who was both The Ditz and The Bully) was put in detention for trying to hit a wasp that had landed on the window with a chair.
  • The scene in The Last Straw where Greg runs with his butt pointed towards the soccer coach when he yells "GET YOUR BUTTS OVER HERE!". Made funnier by the fact that he and his teammates had agreed to do it together — but the rest of the team just sat back and enjoyed the show.
  • Greg's short stint in watching soap operas in Dog Days.
    • When the character says "But Marissa, I love you", Greg says "Girlfriend, you can do SO much better than him!"
  • Also in Dog Days, Greg recalls a past incident in which he thought the the sign "Under 48''" Must Ride With Adult" at a water park meant people under the age of 48 must ride with an adult.
  • Greg's theory that Fregley is like a vampire and thus cannot come in uninvited leads to this daydream:
    Nosferatu: Can I borrow some flour?
    Greg: Sure, it's back in the kitch - hey, wait a second!
  • So Greg's mom signs up for an exercise program but she quits after the first class. But Greg's Dad takes a picture of her before her first class and receives duplicates from the photo place. Then, Greg's dad decides to write "Before" on one photo and "After" on the other. It's one of the funniest jokes he's ever made in the series. (Her cheerful thumbs up in the picture really sells it.)
  • The Ugly Truth has some delicious Cringe Comedy: when at a wedding reception, the best man blurts out the REAL story of how Uncle Gary proposed to his fourth wife Sonja: it turns out he was actually going to break up with her and go out with her sister, but was too chicken to actually say anything. Then when he planned to do it at a baseball game, a banner saying "Marry Me" with her name on it came by, and while he obviously didn't send it, everyone was looking at him so he proposed. Gary tries to shrug it off but Greg tells us straight:
    Greg: We're probably gonna be going to Uncle Gary's 5th wedding next year.
  • The various kids' comics in the Do-It-Yourself Book are all funny, but best of all is the blurb at the end of Greg's The Amazing Fart Police: "Next Week: The Fart Police Invade A Burrito Factory".
    • And the comic of that one where a duck actually crawled into the man's pants.
  • The lock-in in The Ugly Truth doesn't stop being funny, but the impromptu fake fart noises competition is a highlight.
    • One of 'em used a tuba!
  • When Greg says he can't open the microwave burrito packet, and Frank says that Greg would starve if he was stranded on a Deserted Island with just some water and a thousand microwave burritos, but Greg says that would likely never happen.
  • When Greg's mom tells him he'll be grounded if he lies again, and then tells him to lie on the phone that she's not there. So Greg, in a case of deconstructing one of the classic Parentisms of all times, makes his mom go outside and then says "My mom is not inside the house right now" on the phone so he wouldn't be lying.
  • When Greg and Rodrick fight and Mom holds a "Summit" for them, which consists of making someone draw a picture of the bad thing they did.
    Greg's picture, captioned: I will not call Rodrick names.
    (the picture has Greg saying "Bunny rabbit!" and baby Rodrick saying "Waaaah!")
    Rodrick's picture, captioned: I will not push Gregory.
    (the picture has Rodrick pushing Greg off a cliff into the mouth of a hungry shark, while Greg says, "Aieeee!")
  • Rodrick playing (read: getting out of) Magick and Monsters:
  • Greg can't skip and daydreams he graduates university and is told "Greg Heffley will not be receiving his diploma due to his inability to skip."
  • The entire pantsing fiasco from "The Third Wheel" is a highlight. Made even better when the "Mad Pantser" manages to pants Vice Principal Roy while he was telling the other students not to.
  • In the sixth book, Greg just found out that there was a blizzard. Rowley had called him to tell him there would be one the other day, however, Greg had dismissed that thought, because, according to him, Rowley calls every year around this time to say that a blizzard is coming. The reason why is because a couple of years ago, Rowley's parents had taped a Christmas special and the night they had taped it, a severe weather warning had been announced, so that was a permanent part of the recording, and Rowley takes it seriously. Greg used to fall for it, but he didn't after Rowley called him while watching the special on summer vacation to tell him a blizzard was coming.
  • The entire thing with Rowdy Riot energy drinks getting banned. In particular, the part where the kids who were forced to empty the cans sop up the puddles with their socks so they can still drink the stuff.
  • The picture of Grandpa Heffley standing on the toilet, smoking and the words "They don't need to convince ME it's not cool to smoke. My grandfather convinced me of that last Thanksgiving."
  • Of the many {{Chekhov's Gag}}s in Book 9, the funniest turns out to be Rodrick's can of frozen cinnamon rolls. The family is driving through an area of woods where hunting is allowed, the cinnamon roll can explodes, thanks to one of the car's heater vents. It's night at the time, and when the back of Rodrick's head ends up covered in dough, he believes it to be his brains. And then he sees Manny licking dough off his fingers...
  • One from the very first book. Greg tells us about his school dividing the reading classes into "easy" or "advanced" lessons, and comments you can tell from which book they give you — "Einstein as a Child" or "Bink Says Boo". Greg, hoping to get out of any extra work, tried to throw the placement test so he'd be put in the easy group, but got placed in the advanced group anyway, suspecting that his mother stepped in to make sure he got put in the advanced group. But in the end...
    You know, I'm kind of glad my plan to get into the easy group failed. I saw some of the "Bink Says Boo" kids holding their books upside down, and I don't think they were joking.
  • When playing dumb he reads "Fred picked up the buh-bah-bee..." and is told "The book?" and says "Phew, thanks".
  • From the tenth book: "In fact, the way we're headed, I'll bet a thousand years from now human beings won't even have SPINES." [picture of Greg slithering down a staircase]
  • The entire series of events starting with Greg, Frew, and Billy running away from the Girl Scouts in the tenth book.
    • Also in that book, is when Greg notices Frank has security cameras and Greg thinks there is one in Manny's stuffed duck, and says "I know you are watching me" to it.
  • And when Greg forgets to cap the toothpaste tube, so Frank tells him that if he was a kid growing up in frontier times and it was his job to tighten the bolts on the wagon wheels but he forgot to, then the wheels would fall off and the old-timey Heffleys would get eaten by Savage Wolves.
    • And later he drops the toothpaste cap down the drain and tries to get it out, causing a flood, which Grandpa fixes, but there is a water stain. He drives Greg into town to buy paint that would cover it up but has no license, so he goes the wrong way and causes the car to run out of gas. The community service gang show up, and one of them is Billy from before, so Greg hides while the teenagers eat lunch on the car. When they get up, Greg's legs are asleep, so he grabs the console, which makes the car move into neutral and drives it into a ditch. He thinks if he could do it again, he would have left the toothpaste cap in the drain.
  • The argument about whether or not girls use deodorant.
  • When on a camp, the boys catch a fish and don't want to eat it, so Gareth puts it in the toilet.
  • When in the car, the pig sucks on a pacifier.
    • Even better? It's not just the pig sucking on the pacifier. The entire scene qualifies as this. Frank drops his phone, the sunroof gets stuck, the car getting honked at, the pig trying to escape, Frank swearing, and the Spanish CD on full volume. It's chaotic, crazy, and absolutely hilarious.
    • And in the same book, Greg and the pig both have a Potty Emergency and it ends up with the pig using Manny's kiddie potty.
      Greg mentions that it's awkward peeing with a "farm animal" next to him.
  • After the pig bites Greg, Susan can't find a doctor, so she takes him to the vet as an unaltered "pet human" where he gets weighed on the scale for dogs and Rodrick eats gerbil food.
  • Greg's essay on Chimps; "This is a chimpanzee, or "chimp" for short. Chimps are supposed to be smart but I'm not sure that's true" and it has a chimp saying "Don't call me chimp" and someone else says "You are a chimp" and the chimp says "Oh yeah". Then on the other page it says "It looks like I'm out of paper so I guess this is THE END." At the real end, he says "I know it's really corny to finish with a Happy Ending, but it looks like I'm out of paper anyway, so I guess this is THE END."
  • Sweetie's dog bowl reads "SWEATY".
  • This line after Greg goes to the vet (long story) "Rodrick told me that when they take an ANIMAL'S temperature, they stick the thermometer somewhere ELSE, and that they probably use the same one for all their patients. I was worried that it was true, but then I realized that this was coming from a guy who was eating gerbil pellets.
  • Greg has some hilarious thoughts about how the world works.
    • In "Rodrick Rules", he reckons moose (or "mooses" as he calls them) evolved from birds, "just like people did", but that "somewhere along the line, people got arms and the moose got stuck with these useless horns". He illustrates this with two birds. One evolves into a person and the other evolves into a moose. The human is saying, "Yay!", but the moose is saying "rats".
    • When Greg's French penpal Mamadou writes that he's pleased to meet Greg's acquaintance, Greg replies with "I'm pretty sure 'aquaintanse' doesn't have a 'c' in it."
    • His whole theory that the human brain can only store so much information and when you turn eight or nine, you've filled it up and once you learn something new, you instantly forget something old. He "proves" this by stating that he forgot how to do long division since learning about photosynthesis, and illustrates him writing "No clue" as an answer to a long division question.
    • When he starts reckoning his whole life is a movie and his family are robots or actors.
    • Some other characters occasionally have hilariously dumb notions too.
      • Rowley thinking volleyball is called "bolleyball" and then he reads the entire "B" section of the dictionary twice and when he can't find "bolleyball", he thinks it's an "outdated dictionary".
      • Rodrick voting to keep the pig because he believes they could get bacon from him every day the way you get eggs from a chicken.
      • Rodrick writing in his essay that Abraham Lincoln wrote To Kill a Mockingbird.
      • It's even funnier in the webcomic version where he wrote that Benjamin Franklin fought in The Vietnam War.
  • Greg's nightmares in "Double Down"
  • All the lies in "Double Down"
    • Greg: As a preschooler, he was asked to take his apple core home to prove he'd eaten his apple, but he forgot and threw the apple away. He lied that a bully stole it. Mom then asked for details, so Greg lied that the bully was a boy named Curtis Litz, who was a foot taller than him, with a unibrow and a mole on his chin. She then handed Greg a paper and pen to write a note to Curtis so Greg wrote a note not to take the apple again as he needed it for his nutrition. He then wrote back a fake letter from "Curtis", saying that the apple was delicious and he wanted another one, adding a rude drawing of a butt to show how bad Curtis was. Then, Mom went to school but there was no Curtis Litz so Greg said he must be homeschooled.
    • Mrs Heffley: That broccoli tasted like candy. Later, that touching the gingerbread house before Christmas would make it turn into a million spiders, which backfired when Manny sprayed bug spray onto it.
    • Mr Heffley: That the ice cream truck only played music when they were out of ice cream.
    • Grandpa Heffley: That ice cream trucks were driven by clowns who spanked children who were caught outdoors (Greg actually believed this)
    • Rodrick: That if your belly button came untied, your butt would fall off, that the outer ring of the toilet was for girls and guys had to lift the seat even when they sat down, that if a person wore camouflage, they were invisible, that you could plant money to grow a money tree, that when you get older you lose your child limbs and the adult ones grow; just like teeth and that there's an arm fairy and a leg fairy, that monsters lived inside the stairs and if you went up them too slow, a monster would grab your ankle, and that if you burped indoors, George Washington's ghost would haunt you. note 
  • In "The Long Haul", Greg talks about reading. He mentions that when Rodrick has a book report due, he just does it on the book's movie version instead, which caused trouble when he was supposed to do a book report on The Lord of the Rings but instead rented a wrestling movie called Lords of the Ring. Also, Greg mentions that one time, his class had to write to an author and all the boys chose Mik Davies, the author of the Toilet Humour series "Underpants Bandits" note  but the teachers hated the books so asked them to pick someone else. Greg randomly picked Nathaniel Hawthorne and got this back.
    Dear Mr. Heffley. We regret to inform you that the author to whom you have written, Mr Hawthorne, passed away more than a century ago. As such, he will not be able to respond to your letter. With regrets, Katrina Welker, publisher.
    • In that same year, Greg wrote this letter to Mik Davies as fan mail.
      Dear Mr Davies, I am writing to tell you that I love your books and don't believe the people who say your books are garbage because I know me and a lot of other people who think they're great. As far as the "rude humor" goes, I find that stuff hilarious and would in fact encourage you to put MORE bodily functions and things of that nature in your books. Yours sincerely, Greg Heffley.
  • The Heffleys playing Alphabet Groceries (a game where people think of groceries that start with a letter of the alphabet) and Manny uses nonsense words like "bapple" and "zapple". Greg and Rodrick disapprove, but the parents (Frank and Susan) allow it because they want to encourage Manny to properly use the alphabet.
  • Greg on sharing his room with Manny.
    Greg: "It's not dignified to share a room with a person who doesn't wear pants after dinner."
  • Greg's failed attempt at bonding with his dad, in a canoe, Frank's about to get hit with a branch.
    Greg: "Duck! Duck!"
    Frank: "Where? Where?"
  • After being punished by his dad, Greg comments that if he or his brothers mess up in front of their dad, he usually throws whatever he's holding at them. The accompanying illustration shows a "good time to screw up", with Greg kicking over Manny's blocks in front of Dad holding a newspaper, and a "bad time to screw up", with Greg doing the same thing in front of Dad while he's laying down bricks.
  • When Greg pranks his great-grandma Gammie with a whoopie cushion, everybody else thinks she really did fart, even Gammie herself. She then writes an apology note, which speculates that she farted because of her recent surgery.

The movies:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • In the movie, when Rowley grabs onto Rodrick's leg to let Greg escape. Rodrick's response?
    "Let go, baby hippo!"
  • The scene from the movie where Greg pees on Rodrick.
  • When Rodrick freaks out Greg and Rowley with a totally not made-up Urban Legend. It, needless to say, doesn't make a whole bunch of sense.
    Rodrick: But they forgot to turn off the ovens. So the house burned down... with everyone in it.
    Rowley: Wait. How'd the trees get there?
    Rodrick: ...and then, they planted trees!
    Rowley: Oh.
    • A somewhat easier to miss one involving how Rodrick segues into the story; he states that the house was torn down because of it being haunted. Seconds later, in his tale, he states that it burned down. In-universe Canon Discontinuity much?
  • The flashback of Greg warning Manny about the "Potty Monster".
    Greg: Don't look down Manny, the Potty Monster doesn't like it when you look at him.
    [A dramatic sting plays, Manny gets an Oh, Crap! expression and looks down beneath him screaming]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
  • The scene where Rodrick tries to get the attention of Heather Hills by pretending he's drowning when she's doing lifeguard duty. She either doesn't notice him or simply doesn't care, and an older man who isn't in particularly good shape dives in to rescue him instead. Rodrick is understandably freaked out, but it doesn't stop there. He then proceeds to perform CPR on him. Poor Rodrick. It really is funnier than it sounds though.
  • Another one, when the new family dog Sweetie chews up the meatloaf, Greg and his dad get Sweetie to let it go. Rather then make a new meatloaf, Greg and Frank put it back on it's plate, and the rest of the family doesn't notice.
  • In the climax of the third film, Rodrick decides to serenade Heather. Which song does he sing? "Baby". And it culminates in the two together... because her attempt at maiming Rodrick leads to them crashing to the floor together, covered in chocolate.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
  • From the trailer:
    Mom: I need to file a missing persons report-
    (she turns around and sees Greg and Rodrick on the TV)
    Reporter: What do your parents think about you guys coming to the expo to play video games?
    Rodrick: Oh, they have no idea. (laughs)
    Greg: Frankly, Jill, they're a little slow.
    Mom: ...actually, I'd like to report a double murder.
  • Some gems in the second trailer:
    • Greg throws a cheese chip for a seagull that is standing the Heffley's car's open sunroof. Greg's mother disagrees with Greg feeding it. His response?
    Greg: There's only one. (Beat, then a sudden flock of seagulls swarm the car and attack the Heffleys)
    Rodrick: I got us... a microwave pizza. (places microwave in what appears to be a microwave and presses numbers on it)
    Dad: Rodrick... that's a mini safe.
    Rodrick: (shakes the safe in a futile attempt to get the pizza out) ...And they disguised it as a microwave.
  • All the "diaper hands" jokes. It started with Greg falling into the ball pit and accidentally getting a diaper stuck to his hand. Someone filmed him yelling "It's a diaper!" and put it on YouTube and it became a meme where he was known as "Diaper Hands". This led to a few jokes.
    • Greg saying that he'd better do something or he'd be known as "Diaper Hands" for the rest of his life or possibly even longer. He then imagines his tombstone reading "Here lies Greg "Diaper Hands" Heffley."
    • When Mr Beardo falls into the trash, he also gets a diaper on his hand.
    • When Susan comes in to pick Rodrick and Greg up from the video game convention, she shouts Greg's full name and tells him how she thought he would've grown up a bit since the Diaper Hands thing. The video game player (Digby) then recognsises Greg as a "celebrity" and then the whole crowd chants "Greg Heffley diaper hands!"
  • Manny winning the pig.
    Greg: "He just wants a lollipop."
    Man: "Well, for a lollipop, you still need to have a guess. How much do you think this pig weighs?"
    Greg: "He can only count one, two, three."
    Manny: "Four, five, six."
    Man: "Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! The pig weighs exactly 456 pounds!" (hands Manny the pig)
    Greg: "We can't keep it."
    Man: "Are you saying you can't keep this pig?"
    Greg: "It's nothing personal, it's just that we don't live on a farm, we're normal people, there's no place to put it."
    Other Man: "Are you saying that people who live on farms aren't normal?"
    Greg: "Uh, no. (to a woman with a baby bottle and something wrapped in a blanket) You wouldn't want a pig with a baby would you?"
    (She reveals that another pig is wrapped in the blanket)
    • Later, Greg puts the pig in his bag and tells it "Please don't poop."
    • And when they tell the rest of the Heffleys.
      Manny: "I won a prize!"
      Susan: "That's nice. What did you win?"
      (Manny opens up Greg's bag to reveal the pig)
      Susan: "A...pig. A real live pig."
      Rodrick: "I'd say we keep it. Then we can get fresh bacon every morning."
  • When the Heffleys' van is broken so they roll down the hill, Greg riding in Frank's boat, which becomes detached and lands in Meemaw's pool.
    Greg: "Well, you said you wanted to get your boat on the water, Dad."
    • Speaking of Frank's boat, Greg suggesting they take it so they can go "fishing"