Haiku / Pokémon

Pika Pikachu!
Pikapi! Pikachu Pi!
Pi Pi-kachu!! Chuuuuuuuu!!

Gotta catch 'em all!
(Except the legendaries.
Stay away from them.)

Travel the whole world
Get army of cute critters
Capture God. Good times.

Gotta Catch 'Em All!
Six-hundred and forty-nine.
This will take a while.
— mr13lake

Catch every critter
Battle friends and earn badges
Kiss your life goodbye

Wanna catch 'em all?
Then buy lots of different games
And visit events

Imprisoning Mons.
10-year-olds Walking the Earth.
Tamer than it sounds.

Name another game
In which 10 year olds enslave
Kickboxing chickens.

Pokémon! A lot!
Four hundred and ninety three!
I have caught them all.

Oops, above troper.
They'll always add more Pokés
To keep the show on

Complex strategy
Unless you play Red or Blue:
Use Psychic and win.

Red Blue Yellow Gold
Silver Sapphire Ruby Green
It will never end

Extremely cute mons
Alongside big badass ones
Let battle begin!

In this confusing
World of optimistic kids
You can catch a God

Discovering more
Every few years; it's so fun
Seeing what is new

Many Pokéballs
Many pokémon captured
Gotta catch 'em all

Gotta catch 'em all
But do it by tommorow
A new game is out

At last! I got her!
Chansey from Safari Zone!
Will never be used.

Finally! A rare
Shiny Pokemon. Oh, no!
No more Pokeballs!

I have a Machamp
Oddly enough, it's female
How could this happen??

My flawless tactics
Toppled by the Uber tier
Arceus? Rage Quit!

Snakes, wasps, Ammonites.
What Measure Is a Non-Cute??
Here, it's your best friend!

My last Poké Ball.
Throw it! Shake, shake, come on now...
Oh no! It broke free!

Friend says, "Get a life!
Twenty years old- still playing
Pokemon?" "FUCK YEA."

Way too many now.
At first, just one fifty-one...
Now six forty-nine?!

Too much Pokemon
Is just exaggerated
Still better than COD

I had Yellow once.
Used my Master Ball on Haunter.
I was just a kid.

Red Green Blue Yellow
Gold Silver Ruby Sapphire
Diamond Pearl Black White

Friendship, Family, Skill, Love
That is what Pokemon is
about. Love them all

Walk into the cave

In a world where Mons
Are rare 'cause of the color
It's insanity

I like this; sadly,
Gen 6 is disappointing.
The first five are great!