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Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Web Original

  • An odd form of this comes with the audience gender, for the internet niche fandom Vocaloid. While in Japan, the voices of the predominantly-young-female character vocal series are often fawned over by boys and men in Japan ( some of them in their thirties), Vocaloid in general is far more popular with girls and women in America. Alternatively, while the Japanese Vocaloids usually get most of the spotlight with the English Vocaloids used as emergency backup, Big Al, by far the most manly-sounding vocaloid thus far, has gained quite a bit more popularity than you would expect.
  • Happy Tree Friends is quite popular in Japan.
    • And in Portugal, albeit on a cult level.
  • Maru, the fat (or, if you prefer, "fluffy") cat from Japan who loves boxes is extremely popular in America and the English speaking world. Urlesque voted Maru as the internet's favorite cat, beating out Surprised Kitty and even LOLCats.
  • For whatever reason, German gamers love to make blind Let's Play videos, a trend which started in the States. Anglophones (or non-Germanophones at large) trying to find a genuine first-time commentary are often endlessly frustated by this phenomenon.
  • Look at the Youtube statistics, Sweden happens to be one of biggest sources of views for Epic Meal Time videos.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd is rather popular in Japan. Almost every one of his reviews have been completely subbed into Japanese and can be found on Japanese video sharing sites such as Nico Nico Douga.
  • Along the same lines as the above example, The Nostalgia Critic also has a dedicated Japanese fanbase who sub all his videos. Doug's other character, the Bum, is also popular.
    • In fact, the Critic and the Nerd have had cameos in an actual anime.
    • As his crossover stuff became subbed the other members of That Guy with the Glasses also started getting Japanese fanbases, notably The Nostalgia Chick, referred to as "Nostal-Ko" (Nostal=an english abrreviation as typical in Japan and Ko=The Japanese kanji for child, usually also used to refer to younger women) on nico, Spoony, Jewwario (for his Super Robot Wars review) and for some odd reason Doug's brother Rob (who they referred to as Ni-San or Big Brother)
  • The obligatory Cracked link: 7 Things From America That Are Insanely Popular Overseas
  • Latin Americans really like Creepypastas, which one is quick to learn to if they're looking for stories on YouTube. behold.
  • YouTube Poop has a thriving scene in Russia (RYTP), Germany (Youtube Kacke), Finland (SinäTuuba Paska), Brazil (YTPBR) and Spanish-speaking countries (YTPH; Youtube Poop Hispano). It's also been acknowledged (but not as popular) in France (YTPFR; French Youtube Poop), Hungary (Huntube Poop), the Netherlands (Youtube Poep), and Poland (PYTP).
    • In fact, YT Ps are what inspired the Japanese (and eventually Chinese and Korean) to create MADs.
  • Hang in There, Kogasa-san, a Slice of Life webcomic using Touhou characters for Author Avatars, is wildly popular with European and American Touhou fans. They invited the writer to attend Anime Boston!
  • While Shifty Look is officially owned by Namco Bandai, the webcomics are made by people from other parts of the world to localize Japanese Namco I Ps and cater to English speaking audiences, but the Shifty Look website has gotten so much web traffic from Japan that they decided to also translate the comics to Japanese as well.
  • Spoony has quite a large following in Finland.
  • Going by the comments on Nico Nico Douga, React's Lia has some fans in Japan, and some fans in Taiwan as well. She's hardly unpopular in the States or UK, though.
  • Despite Rémi Gaillard being French he is getting lots more fame in the US than he gets in France. This may perhaps explain why his video's all have English titles and title descriptions despite the fact that his early video's contain French messages (the title descriptions below it are still in French though).
  • Welcome to Night Vale, an American horror-comedy podcast series has quite a large following in Britain (relatively speaking), much to the surprise of the series' creators. On their first European tour, they sold out three live shows in London and had to do a fourth, selling more tickets than anywhere else they had ever been—even the series' native New York.

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