Germans Love David Hasselhoff / Web Animation

Real Life Examples

  • Animutation is actually pretty popular in Japan. Sometimes Japanese netizens would make misleading links to animutations such as Suzukisan and Hyakugojyuuichi in a similar fashion to Rickrolling. In Japan, Hyakkugojyuuichi is considered a classic flash animation much like it is in the west, perhaps even more remembered.
  • RWBY is also popular in Japan. Besides fansubbed and fandubbed episodes and fan videos that are uploaded on Nico Nico Douga, Warner Bros. Japan began officially releasing it in December 2015. That same month, a manga based on the show began publishing.
    • It's apparently popular enough in China to inspire a fandub as well.
  • The British asdfmovie videos are enormously popular in the United States.

In-Universe Examples

  • Homestar Runner: Strong Bad references this phenomenon in his email website, where he says "Who knows? Maybe tomorrow you'll be really big in Pakistan."
    • Or at least with some guy named Stan.
    • Surprisingly in real life, the series actually has a small but impressive fanbase in the United Kingdom.