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    Season 1 


  • The entirety of Brobee's "Party in My Tummy" song. Extra points for the sobbing carrots and green beans when he accidentally leaves them out.
  • Muno and Toodee's reactions when they eat yogurt — probably the Gabba Land equivalent of getting brain freeze.
  • One of the trees in Brobee Land gives this reaction once cleaned:
    "No, thank you! It looks so clean, I think I'm gonna cry...!"


  • Muno's reaction when he drinks Brobee's lemonade.
  • Right before Foofa tries the slide, Toodee cuts in front of her, causing a Record Needle Scratch to sound off.


  • "Get the Sillies Out". The "Sillies" are shown to be multicolored goofy-faced wormlike creatures that pop out of the Gabbas' bodies as they dance.
    • And before that, the Gabbas are continuously moving out of control. Imagine goofing about like that before your picture.


  • "Hold Still". It's a fun game the Gabbas play to get their wiggles out and settle down, while at the same time showing kids how to go crazy before it's time to go to sleep.
  • The "Dreams" number may seem more calm than humorous, but one funny bit each dream except Brobee's has a slice of jammed toast showing up as a "new friend" as mentioned in the lyrics. In Foofa's dream, it wears a unicorn horn.


  • Plex learns to high five, and becomes a bit obsessed with such following the "High Five" number.
  • Brobee bumping into everyone during a dance party, which ends with him knocking Plex over, resulting in a temporary shutdown.


  • Plex inadvertently getting hit with Muno's snowball, and shutting down as a result.
    • And the song that follows afterwards. "Please...don't...throw things at friends! Please, don't throw things at friends!"
    • DJ Lance at one point gives a sullen head shake to the viewer in response to what the Gabbas are saying.
  • Muno and Brobee playing with the rocket ship DJ Lance gave them.
  • The "Danger" song that Plex and Brobee sing to Foofa is quite funny and addictive, and even the dance moves are easy to follow.
  • The "Shake It Off" song.


  • Brobee's reaction upon seeing Toodee tasting an avocado.
  • "We are the tiny ugly gerrrrrrms!"


  • The "Too Much Candy" song. Apparently the party they're having in Brobee, Toodee and Muno's tummies is not a good one.
    • Bonus points for Brobee, Toodee and Muno's sluggish dancing toward the end, all while trying to hold their stomachs.


  • The entirety of "Nice and Easy". Foofa insists she and Brobee move quietly amongst the birds, but Brobee keeps getting loud and scaring the birds away. When he finally becomes quiet and he and Foofa sing together, Foofa ends up getting loud herself. Cue laughter from both.


  • Near the beginning, we get this gem:
    DJ Lance: Brobee, hey. Do you know where your eyes are?
    Brobee: [looks around] Uh...I don't know! Where are they?
    [Cue rimshot]
    • Bonus points for that he was actually unaware he was using them during this conversation.
  • When Muno and Foofa run into a bored Brobee during "Baby Steps, Big Steps", the request to play is simply this:
    Muno: Hey Brobee, you wanna play with us?
    (Immediately, Brobee smiles)
    Brobee: YEAH!!!
  • "Don't...don't...don't bite your friends!"
  • Muno accidentally knocking down Brobee's block castle with the ball, which first bounces off Toodee's trampoline, then off a tree, then off Foofa's shoulder, which produces a squeak (and a "Hey!" from her in return).
  • The "Super Martian Robot Girl" comic is full of these as well:
    • The cobra man. Especially when he first shows up.
    • "I'm not gonna lie, kids. I love playin' ma' tuba."


  • Foofa struggling to put on her seatbelt. Possibly because her belly is so big...
  • The scene where Brobee almost gets hit by Plex's car, complete with him tossing his pillow socky over his head.
  • The "Naughty Gordie" story.


  • Brobee holding his ball as he gropes around, mumbling "ball" over and over.
  • Toodee swiping Brobee's ball away, and she giggles, leaving Brobee utterly shocked and disappointed.
  • "No...don't...take it away! No, don't take it away!"
    • Especially during the final chorus when everyone is dancing together in response to the song's message; Brobee is still frowning and dejected, and is dancing much slower and sluggishly than the others.


  • Muno and Brobee try to guess what made the holes in the tree:
    Brobee: Maybe big fat caterpillars squeezed out of the tree and left all these holes behind!
    Muno: Yeah! Or maybe the holes are for the tree's eyes, that only open up when no one is looking!


  • Brobee attempting to blow up a balloon.
  • DJ Lance's opera solo at the very end of "Be Nice To Everyone".


  • Brobee almost flying away on the balloons his friends gave him.
  • DJ Lance imagining Foofa at the beginning.

    Season 2 


  • Muno lisping without his baby teeth.


  • The "It's a Party For Brobee" song is a Distant Duet with Brobee himself sulking over the thought of his friends forgetting his birthday. Though it's tearjerking, it doubles as hilarious whenever the song switches from its cheery, upbeat nature to the slow, dejected manner throughout.
    It's my birthday, and no one's around
    They must've forgot me again
    They're all too busy, and now I'm feeling down
    Because I can't play with my friends
  • Brobee's second birthday shows he had a bowl of spaghetti in place of cake or ice cream.
  • Brobee arrives at his party only to find no one is there. A tumbleweed then rolls past.
  • Brobee's sentient birthday cake, that looks exactly like him.


  • The entirety of the "Freeze Tag" song, but one notable moment is when Brobee is declared it, Muno pulls Toodee away so Brobee can't catch them, followed by giving each other a double high five. Apparently they were tricking him of some sort.
  • Gooble joining the gang's "marching game".
  • Brobee screwing up during "DJ Lance Says".


  • The talking trash. Brobee and Toodee apparently throwing them on the ground adds up to it.
    • There's also their addictive rap:
    Throw us away!
    Pick us up!
    Don't leave us on the ground!
    YO! That's no good!
  • Near the end of Plex and Brobee's verse in the "Water" song, Plex stands all the way up, causing the water sprinkling from his head to go all over Brobee, who spins around enjoying getting wet.


  • Brobee tries to think of a talent, but nothing shows up in his thought bubble. He immediately loses it:
    "Oh...!!! I can't think of anything!!!"
  • The Gabbas try to guess Brobee's talent. Muno asks:
    Muno: Is your talent standing on your head?
    Brobee: Nope...
    • Then Foofa suggests:
    Foofa: What about stacking blocks?
    Brobee: No!
    Plex: Is your talent flying like a bird?
    Brobee: Nopey-no!
  • DJ Lance's flying talent.
  • When Muno is showing his skateboarding talent at the talent show, Brobee can be heard saying "neato, neato, freedo!".


  • Brobee's "Big and Small" song. It has a pretty sick beat, too.
  • Shortly before, we get this gem:
    Brobee: Everyone's bigger than me - you guys, Foofa, Plex, the trees...even Gooble is bigger than me!!
    [Gooble comes out from behind a rock]
    Gooble: [sobbing loudly] I'M SORRY! I CAN'T HELP IT...! [runs off]
  • Brobee saying DJ Lance's "Listening and dancing to music is awesome" phrase in a bored, dejected manner after missing the whole thing.
  • Pretty much ANY scene with giant Brobee is downright hilarious.
  • Gooble's reaction upon Brobee returning to normal:
    Brobee: Gosh, I'm so happy for Brobee, I'm only crying a little bit...!
  • There's also this gem:
    DJ Lance: Brobee, can you find something small?
    Brobee: Yeah, me.
    DJ Lance: [chuckles] Oh, Brobee...something even smaller than you!
  • Plex also has this gem:
    Plex: Some people are small, some people are tall! And some people are robots! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Ha...ah...


  • Muno and Plex's duet as the latter teaches the former how to skateboard is somehow separated by the "ouch, that hurt" verse whenever Muno falls off. Plex eventually falls himself.
    • The "squeak" sound every time Muno falls is quite silly. Also the "clunk" sound when Plex falls.
  • Immediately after "Bikes Are Fun" ends, DJ Lance rides his own bike...which turns out to be a circus cycle as matching music plays in the background.
  • DJ Lance's rollerskating bit.


  • Near the beginning, we get this gem:
    DJ Lance: We're talking about robots. Do you know any robots, Plex?
    Plex: Why yes, DJ Lance Rock! I am a robot!
  • Every time DJ Lance mentions, "ELECTRICITY!!!!!"
  • Toodee and Brobee's Freak Out! upon Plex shutting down when his battery runs out.
    Brobee: [whimpers a bit] OH NO!!! What are we gonna do!?!


  • Brobee frowning upon receiving a sandwich (accompanied by the usual slide whistle/sunburst effect playing backwards).
  • Brobee's growling stomach sounding like whale noises.
  • "Where are we gonna find food in the middle of the ocean?!?"
    [Shows nothing but fish in the water]
  • The narwhal.

Dress Up

  • The banana-eating showdown. Sure it seems ominous (a la The Good, the Bad and the Ugly), but the action is quite humorous.
  • When Toodee is encountered during "Save the Princess:
    I'm a mean dragon, just look at my wings
    I captured the princess, who are you?
    Your turn to sing.
  • Right before the "save the princess" scene, DJ Lance does his Instant Costume Change, and ends up in a secret agent outfit. The music suddenly winds down to a halt as he notices this mistake, and immediately changes into his knight outfit.
  • The Gabbas wearing their funny hats different ways. Also Muno's hat flying off his head.


  • Muno accidentally spilling yellow paint over Foofa's picture; this causes her to lose her usual happy state and become quite furious with him.
    • Bonus points for that she uses that picture as part of her artwork for the art show, along with a new one.
  • When Plex reveals his portrait mosaic, one of the photos he took is a crude selfie of himself.
  • Foofa's reaction to Toodee's poorly made statue:
    Foofa: Toodee...that is great art.


  • Whenever Plex announces "Icky Alert!!".
  • The return of the tiny ugly germs.
  • Messy Brobee. That is all.
  • Right after the Dancey Dance ends, Rachel Dratch (the celebrity guest) announces, "Gotta go!" and runs off, without Plex having a chance to beam her away. The Gabbas chase after her in return.
  • When Brobee learns about the magic shampoo:
    Brobee: What's a "magic shamu"?
  • The magic shampoo itself, even its Jamaican accent adds it all up.

    Season 3 


  • The volcano that Muno makes actually erupts. His reaction when it occurs is quite humorous:
    Muno: Oh, OH! SCIENCE ALERT!!! WOW!!!
    • And Miss Angela's reaction tops it off, complete with Losing Horns playing over the background music.


  • The "Adventure" song. It has humorous 8-bit scenes of Muno, Foofa and Plex acting out their adventures.
    • Muno even has the recurring line "stay away from [insert animal here]!".
    • Muno even does Tarzan's famous yell in said song.


  • The first clubhouse Muno and Brobee make is out of sticks from the forest. It collapses easily.
  • Muno and Brobee's musical number as they build their clubhouse has a lot of humorous ideas for what they want it to be, one in particular being a mountain cabin where it's snowing hard, and they give each other high fives with their totally frozen hands.
  • Muno and Brobee refusing to let Foofa and Toodee in.


  • At the beginning, Toodee suggests everyone play "Crazy Jumping Pirate Bugs", only to sneeze when trying to demonstrate. Confused, her friends do just that.


  • Every time someone gets a pie in the face.
  • The entirety of Brobee's clown lesson, courtesy of Weird Al.
  • During the scene where the ringmaster checks on everyone practicing their acts, we hear calliope music in the background...then he gets to Plex, who is revealed to be playing it.
  • Any time Muno shuts himself up when asked not to talk as a mime.
  • The ringmaster's reaction to Muno wanting to be a mime. Apparently he didn't expect that...


  • Brobee's shocked reaction upon noticing Foofa and Toodee's baby dolls, complete with a "DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN!" sound.
    • Pretty much the entire scene with the baby dolls, especially this conversation:
    Toodee: No it isn't, Brobee! Babies are special, we love babies!
    Foofa: Yeah! Babies are cute and were a baby once too, Brobee!
    Brobee: I AM NOT A BABY!
    Toodee: We know, Brobee. You aren't a baby now, but you were a baby.
  • The video of baby DJ Lance.
  • Foofa and Toodee accidentally scaring Plex's niece Plexee. Right when they scuttle up to her, Plex somehow extends his arm out at them to stop them, somehow being protective of her.
  • In fact, Plexee's entire scene is humorous. Especially the first shot:
    Plex: And this is a flower. Say "flower".
    Plexee: Flooooowuh...
    [Plex emits his Signature Laugh]

    Season 4 

DJ Lance's Super Music & Toy Room

  • Whenever Croaky makes a frog pun or hiccups, causing his mouth to glow briefly.
  • DJ Lance running to catch his star in slow motion.
  • The Gabbas going straight for DJ Lance's things, leaving DJ Lance to mutter to himself nervously before Plex stops them.

A Very Awesome Christmas

  • The Running Gag of Brobee insisting he wants a race car:
    • When trying to guess what's in the presents, Brobee grabs which is obviously a hula hoop, gingerbread doll, and envelope respectively, and thinks they're race cars. Of course he's wrong for all three.
    • Muno wants to give Santa some headphones, while Plex suggests a pocket calculator. Brobee, of course, announces, "Race car!".
  • Brobee and Muno unable to think of anything.


  • The Gabbas' excitement for watching the Super Music Friends Show up close:
    Foofa: I'm so excited for the super music!
    Muno: I'm so excited for the friends!
    Brobee: And I'm so excited for the show!
  • Brobee realizing he forgot his ticket, complete with his usual sad trombone fanfare in the background.


  • Near the end, we get this gem:
    Brobee: Come on, guys! DJ Lance and Plex are waiting for us!
    Tammy: Who is this...uh..."Plex"?
    Muno: Oh, he's a robot, so he doesn't like the water.
    Plex: Hmm...I wonder what's taking them so long?
    [Everyone laughs.]

Super Spies

  • The fake Super Music Friends Show that Bateman sets up to distract the Gabbas while he steals their balloon art:
    I'm the bad spy
    I'm the bad guy
    This whole show has been a trick,
    I am sneaky, and I'm quick!
    I'm the bad spy
    I'm the bad guy
    I took things you made today,
    And now, there is no par-tay!
    'Cause I'm the bad spy!
  • The robot bad guys. Bateman mentioned they were boring to hang out with post-Heel–Face Turn.
  • Foofa's reaction to Toodee's crudely made balloon statue.


  • Plex's "pancake alert".
    • And before that, Plex opens the fridge to reveal nothing but a jar with a single pickle.
  • The Gabbas wandering around the Super Gabba Mart before Plex stops them saying they should stick together.
  • The manager's reaction to seeing Muno and Brobee. Apparently, she never saw monsters before.
    Manager: Excuse me,
  • When the Gabbas are learning about shopping and a grocery store at the beginning, this comes on:
    Brobee: A gross store? I don't like the sound of that.
    Plex: Not "gross", Brobee. "Groc-er-y".
  • Brobee spotting the cereal boxes, which go way to the ceiling.
    Muno: So...super...sizzlin'...!!!
  • Brobee leaving a gaping hole in the tower after choosing a cereal box.
  • Plex not falling for Muno and Brobee's temptation to buy the cereal, much to Brobee's disappointment.
  • Muno and Brobee accidentally spilling the cereal, causing them to hide the evidence. DJ Lance doesn't fall for it:
    DJ Lance: Attention, Super Gabba Mart shoppers! Cleanup on aisle 3!
    • In addition, when the cereal spills, it sounds like money dropping.
  • In the end, Brobee does get the rocket ship he wanted throughout the episode, albeit it's broken.


  • Brobee somehow eating the leaves, which don't taste very good.
  • Brobee remarking that dinosaurs don't look as big as DJ Lance said, only for him to point out they just have toys.
  • "I haven't seen a single restaurant around here!"
  • This conversation:
    Sarah: Plant-eaters are called herbivores.
    Brobee: Like a vegi...matarian?
    Sarah: (giggles) You mean, "vegetarian"!
    Brobee: Oh, yeah...a vegetarian.
  • Brobee's rap during the "go crazy" part of the Dancey Dance.
  • When Muno, Toodee and Brobee return home to Gabba Land and tell Foofa and Plex about their adventure, they seem quite confused at what the heck they were talking about.


  • The "Let's Be Awesome While We Wait" number features the Gabbas thinking of something awesome to do while they wait for their meals, each with disastrous results (a buzzer accompanies each one):
    Muno: Can we climb on tables and chairs, just for fun?
    Plex: No! You could hurt yourself, and that would not be fun!
    Brobee: Can I be loud and make lots of noise, like playing the drums?
    Plex: I said no, that would not be cool! So put down that fork and spoon!
    Toodee: Can I lean back on my chair, what's wrong with that?
    Plex: No, no, no, you could hurt yourself! You don't wanna do that!
    Foofa: Can we run around and play some tag? That's lots of fun...
    Plex: Uh, no! In this restaurant, there's not much room to run! Alright?
    • Especially with Toodee's part, as her thoughts show her leaning back and starting to fall over before the buzzer sounds.
    • Also Foofa's part, as the customers in the foreground are completely irritated with what the heck she is doing.
    • Then we get this bit:
    Brobee: Is it okay to dance while you wait?
    Plex: Sure! It's okay, as long as you stay in your seat.
    [Cuts to Gooble somewhere at a table.]
    Gooble: I wish I knew how to dance...
  • Pretty much every time the amusing chef pops up, especially when he puts out a chicken drumstick and proclaims, "I forget what this is called!".
  • Brobee's reaction upon DJ Lance setting up a ride to a restaurant for dinner:
    Brobee: Um...DJ Lance, I'm really hungry, but we can't eat the car for dinner!
  • Brobee crawling under the table and bumping his friends' feet. His disappointed reaction afterwards tops up:
    Brobee: You're right...I'm getting dirty, too.
  • Muno spilling the ketchup and Toodee talking with her mouth full is quite crazy.
    • And while this is happening, Brobee sings his ever-famous "Party In My Tummy" song under all of it.
  • DJ Lance wolfing down Foofa's salad in one bite.


  • Every time Muno refers to the hoe as "this thing".
  • The Gabba Gang toying around with the farm equipment, before DJ Lance stops them saying they should learn how to use them.
  • Farmer Josh's entrances being initiated by a banjo.