Heartwarming / Yo Gabba Gabba!

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    Season 1 


  • "Try It, You'll Like It". Although the mood seems more humorous, it's encouraging someone to try something they never tasted.
  • One of the Brobee Land trees reacting once the food is cleaned up:
    "It looks so clean, I think I'm gonna cry!"


  • The "Bubbles" song seems quite funny, but the slow beat and percussions are quite nice and soothing.
  • The Gabbas celebrating the arrival of summer with the "Summertime" song.


  • "What is Fun?". It's a soothing upbeat song that shows what the meaning of "fun" really is.


  • Pretty much the entire episode runs on this:
    • The "Nap Time" song. It's a repetive lullaby the Gabbas sing as Plex tucks them in for their nap.
    • Then there's "Happy Thoughts", when Muno can't sleep and his rock friends encourage him to think of happy things.
    • "Dreams". It's so soothing, it can even help you have happy dreams too.
  • There's also the jingle "Bedtime Lullaby".
  • "Hold Still" may count as being humorous, but at the end, DJ Lance sighs and proclaims, "Now we're all settled down."


  • "Hugs Are Fun". Indeed, they are fun, and gets you hugging someone, too.
    • Leslie Hall giving a bored DJ Lance a hug at the very end is downright cute.
  • Foofa's "I Am So Happy" song. Muno sings with her at the end.


  • "Find a Friend". Muno goes off to find the other Gabbas one by one until they're all together.
  • Also "High Five".


  • "Don't Be Afraid". It's a heartwarming song that teaches Muno not to be scared of the dark.


  • "It Is Fall". The Gabbas celebrate the arrival of the fall season and play in the leaves.


  • The "Teamwork" song.
  • Muno apologizing to Foofa for inadvertently biting her.


  • "Keep Trying", the first instance of this song as Foofa is trying to buckle up.
  • The "Naughty Gordie" story ends with Gordie deciding to be nice instead of naughty, which earns him a lot of friends.
  • Brobee remembering where he threw his pillow socky to with thanks to help from his friends.


  • "That one is yours, and this one is mine!"
  • "I Love To Share". Especially Muno and Brobee standing arm in arm at the very end.
  • Toodee apologizing to Brobee for snatching his ball away, and they share it.
  • The "I Found Love" jingle.


  • Muno encouraged to keep thinking where he put his toy snake, accompanied by the "Keep Trying" number.


  • "Be Nice To Everyone". It's a soothing ballad that tells the viewer they should, well, be nice to others, so they can have friends.
    • Toodee even invites Gooble to sing with them after apologizing to him.
    • And DJ Lance ends the song with a really good opera solo.
  • Also "I Love You", Brobee's duet with Balloony, the balloon friend he made.
  • The "I Found Love" jingle.


  • Toodee and Foofa imagining they're swimming in the ocean.
  • Brobee feeling sad, followed by his friends bringing balloons to him which instantly cheers him up. He eventually shares them with everyone.
  • Toodee apologizing she lied to her friends, and they forgive her. Their synchronized dance together during the final verse of "Tell The Truth" is cute, too.
  • "It's Okay, Try Again" by The Shins.

    Season 2 


  • "The Tooth Fairy". We even get to see her do her magic that very night.


  • Brobee is happy that everyone remembered his birthday, and everyone celebrates.
  • The birthday concert everyone watches on the Super Music Friends Show. The Swami even gives a shout-out to Brobee preceding this.
  • DJ Lance and Brobee's duet as the former helps the latter recall his past birthdays.
  • When DJ Lance convinces Brobee to come to Muno Land so he can be surprised, he asks Brobee to listen. Brobee listens hard and hears everyone chanting his name, causing him to immediately head for the party excitedly.
    • And when he gets to the party, his friends give him a wonderful surprise.


  • Brobee getting sprinkled with Plex's water and enjoying it.
  • The "We're Counting On You" song.


  • Muno and Toodee remind Brobee he's still their friend following the "Big and Small" number, and give Brobee a hug as he feels a little better.
  • Gooble's reaction after Brobee successfully gets the ball out of the log:
    Brobee: Gosh, I'm so happy for Brobee, I'm only crying a little bit...!
  • The "Be Yourself" song.


  • Foofa and Brobee's bike ride.
  • Plex teaching Muno how to skateboard. They high five each other at the end.

    Season 3 


  • The "School Song", which plays as the Gabbas enjoy their first day of school together with all their friends.


  • Muno and Brobee's musical number as they build their clubhouse together:
    Building a clubhouse with my best friend,
    That's the way I like to spend this summer day!
    When it's done and we climb inside,
    There are so many things that we can plaaaaaaaay!
  • The "Everything Is More Fun" number, a funky discoesque song where everyone dances together. After all, it more fun when you include everyone!


  • Toodee being escorted to bed, accompanied by the "Rest Up" number.
  • "Help Your Friends".


  • Right after Foofa's Mokicho hatches, she sings "I Love My Pet", showing she will love him with all her heart.
  • "That's What Friends Are For", an upbeat song which shows your friends will always be there to help out.
  • The Mokichos, on the other hand, are downright adorable, especially Foofa's.


  • The entirety of the "Gabba babies" videos DJ Lance shows.
  • "Babies Need Our Help". Seeing them take care of Gogo is downright adorable.
  • The whole scene featuring Plex's niece Plexee. Especially the song Plex, Foofa and Toodee sing to her to help her feel better, and the flower that Plexee gives Foofa.

    Season 4 

A Very Awesome Christmas

  • The ending song "Christmas Is Upon Us".

Super Spies

  • Bateman admitting he never wanted to be a bad spy in the first place.


  • The Gabbas singing "Stick Together" as they go shopping. After all, shopping is fun when they stick together.
  • Muno and Brobee apologizing for spilling the cereal and breaking the rocket ship toy inside it, which rewards everyone with a batch of balloons.


  • Sarah being sung to sleep by her new friends.

Day Camp

  • Brobee feeling upset Toodee won't be his day camp buddy anymore because Keedee is now here, so Toodee decides they'll all be day camp buddies together.