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DJ Lance has kidnapped 4 of the 5 main actors on the show.
Actors are occasionally unable to find child care, so they bring their kids to work. In an effort to keep them away from all the sex, the producers send them off to be watched by DJ Lance, who's a lighting guy, or a cameraman or something. DJ Lance takes some... toys that are laying around, and makes them suitable imaginary pals for the kids. Also, the kids sometimes glimpse some of the action, so DJ Lance uses song and dance to explain away what they just saw as something innocent.

The show is filmed inside The Construct (as found in the film, The Matrix)
We're able to watch it because we're inside The Matrix.

The show has been created by aliens who plan on dominating the Earth to hypnotize the world's under 5s.
Unfortuantly, the aliens inserted a form of subliminal messaging/propaganda that only works on aliens into the show, resulting in What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?.

DJ Lance has kidnapped 4 of the 5 main actors on the show.
Every day, at the same time, DJ Lance makes the main characters sing and dance for his amusement. He gives and takes away props and toys at his discretion. Each of the characters except Plex has family offset that occasionally visits, but never sticks around. Even though they have families and homes, where do they go at the end of each "playtime"? Back in the box. Fridge Horror indeed.
  • To be fair, Muno's family gets their own carrying case (in the "Family" episode).

The super Martian robot Girl was born on Planet V
because it's an obvious aquabats reference and this show makes tons of them,After all it was created by the MC batcommander.

Gooble (the white Muno) is Silver the Hedgehog in disguise.
They are both similar to older characters, check. Silver would be very sad after losing the girl he loved and all his other friends. He uses this costume to drown his sorrows, while looking happy in the modern games.