WMG: Yes, Minister

The party on the show is actually the Party from 1984.

Hacker will lead Britain into a totalitarian dictatorship, perhaps by accident.

Hacker is the Muggle Prime Minister from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Yes, Minister exists in the same world as The Thick of It.

Administrative Affairs eventually gets folded into what becomes Do SAC. An aged Sir Humphrey and Malcolm Tucker teaming up on someone? Epic.
  • An added possibility is that Malcolm Tucker was Sir Humphrey's protege, though I can't quite recall the latter's opinions on Scots.
    • Unlikely. Malcolm Tucker wasn't a civil servant, he was Director of Communications. If anything, he and Sir Humphrey would have clashed, which certainly would have been worth seeing. But this troper would be surprised if The Thick of It isn't the future of Yes, Minister.

Sir Humphrey is a Timelord.
Hey, someone had to say it.
  • To keep history on track.