[[WMG:The party on the show is actually the Party from ''1984''.]]

Hacker will lead Britain into a totalitarian dictatorship, perhaps by accident.

[[WMG:Hacker is the Muggle Prime Minister from ''Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince''.]]

[[WMG: Yes, Minister exists in the same world as Series/TheThickOfIt.]]

Administrative Affairs eventually gets folded into what becomes DoSAC. An aged Sir Humphrey and Malcolm Tucker teaming up on someone? Epic.
* An added possibility is that Malcolm Tucker was Sir Humphrey's protege, though I can't quite recall the latter's opinions on Scots.
** Unlikely. Malcolm Tucker wasn't a civil servant, he was Director of Communications. If anything, he and Sir Humphrey would have clashed, which certainly would have been worth seeing. But this troper would be surprised if ''Series/TheThickOfIt'' isn't the future of ''Series/YesMinister''.

[[WMG: Sir Humphrey is a [[Series/DoctorWho Timelord]].]]
Hey, someone had to say it.
** To keep history on track.

[[WMG: Hacker's Party is a Fictional "British Centrist Party"]]

* We know that the series take place in an [[Alternate Universe]] where, instead of Margaret Thatcher, the British PM during the 1980's was the unseen PM of Jim Hacker and then Jim Hacker himself.
We also know that the Conservative and Labour Parties exist and are prominent (they've been mentionned once).
Finally, Hacker is clearly a complete Centrist. However during the episode in which he becomes PM, Hacker is described as the leader of the "centrist" wing of his Party. If he were a Conservative, that would make him clearly right-leaning and if he were Labour, that would make him clearly left-leaning.
In this [[Alternate Universe]], there existed in the 1980's a third major Party, the British Centrist Party (probably encompassing the real world Lib-Dems and the right wing of the Labour as well as the left wing of the Tories). And that Centrist Party won the elections during the 1980's.
Interestingly, since that "centrist, pro-EU, pro-free-market" stance is very similar to Blair's New Labour and Major and Cameron's Tory Party, it's very likely that Hacker's Centrist Party remained in power since the 1980's, throughout the 1990's and 2000's until today (possibly with Centrist PM's Major, Blair and Cameron).